Ocean & Yoga Retreats in Portugal Algarve
Ocean & Yoga Retreats in Portugal Algarve

Yoga and Surf Retreats in Portugal 2018

March - April - May - Yoga and Surf Spring Retreats in Portugal 2018

July - August - September - Yoga and Surf Summer Retreats in Portugal 2018

September - October - Yoga and Surf Autumn Retreats in Portugal 2018

Summer Special August - Extended Yoga and Surf Training in Portugal 2018 for advanced yogis

About our Surf & Yoga Retreats in Portugal, Algarve 2018

Ocean & Yoga offers you more than a vacation in Southern Portugal, Algarve. A perfect mix of authentic yoga lessons, well-being time in nature, and learning how to surf all combined in your yoga and surf holiday in Portugal.


Take a peek at our yoga and surf holidays



Understand the ocean more profoundly than in a normal surf class. In our ocean guidings, you learn about tides, currents, and how to move in the water and paddle efficiently.


Enjoy the simple life. Live on an organic farm for a a week, full of delicious relaxing time for yourself, quality time with new friends and conversations with likeminded people from all over the world.


Pick from various activities and retreat programs. Take deep relaxation journeys with our sound healings, and dive into states of inner clarity. Take coachings on leadership and reinvent your life, learn about a healthy lifestyle, organic food, and how to make your own simple and healthy meals. Learn about natural herbal remedies and organic gardening if you like. Take an Ayurveda panchakarma cleanse - a full body and mind detox, or come into the wild with us for deep soul study in our nature retreat. Bring your family for our first family yoga retreat in 2018 or awaken to your highest potential and connect with soul sisters in our women's retreat.

Do you want to dive deeper into the studies of yoga (asana alignment, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy)? Something that's not yet a teacher training but more than a retreat?


For advanced yogis join our Get in! 10-day Yoga Training & Immersion into Yoga & Nature. a wholesome advanced yoga training in Portugal for those of you who want to deepen your yoga praxis or as an addition to your yoga teachers training. Includes surfing and all the fun parts of an Ocean & Yoga Retreat, too!


Come for world class surf, well-instructed yoga alignment, simple meditation techniques, healthy and homemade food and manifest changes in your life - our surf and yoga retreats in Portugal, Algarve. love yourself and love your life more.

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