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"For my Body, for my Spirit" Transformative Bodywork Retreat 

Empowering your life through your body - a healing retreat with a daily individual Transformative Bodywork sessions.

Enter into a 4 day ceremony with yourself, your dreams, your purpose, your strategies & break through to reclaim your

wisdom & power- with Jana Toepfer 

October 9-14   

Nature Resort Quinta Alma, Aljezur, Portugal

This retreat is for you if you want to heal and transform something in your life. You can approach this retreat from a physical, emotional or mental level. Maybe you want to work with an injury or physical limitation in your body, maybe you want to move through strong emotional states such as anger, grief or disconnection from your body, maybe you want to cater to mental blockages, beliefs or patterns in your life that you are ready to transform.

So that you may live in a way that serves you and your dreams.


Experience freedom. Recognize what stands in the way to live your dreams. 

Come to your heart & your love for life in a series of 4 individual Transformative Bodywork sessions over the course of this 5-day intensive including daily elemental body activation trainings, soundhealing, group sharings and a purification sweatlodge.

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being in retreat

You will stay at the brand new nature resort Quinta Alma, 10 minutes outside of Aljezur in your own luxury glamping tent overlooking the native forrest.

We begin the retreat with a purification sweatlodge. 

On the 4 following days, we start each day together with Jana’s elemental body activation trainings to connect  with your life force. We will then have breakfast and you will either be part of the “morning sessions group” which means that you will receive your personal Transformative Bodywork session during the morning and receive journaling and meditation exercises for your personal healing time. Or you will be part of the “afternoon sessions group” which means that you can go to the beach or nature walks and your turn for your individual Transformative Bodywork session and personal healing time will be in the afternoon.

We meet together for a homemade, vegetarian lunch and the switch groups.

In the evenings there will be specials of coming together to share, enjoy soundhealings & music.

On the last day we will enter a purification sweatlodge together to anchor our intentions.

5-day Intensive schedule

October 9: arrival, grounding body relaxation, opening circle & sweatlodge

October 10: elemental body activation trainings & individual sessions & evening circle 

October 11: elemental body activation trainings & individual sessions & sound healing

October 12: elemental body activation trainings & individual sessions & evening meditation

October 13: elemental body activation trainings & individual sessions & evening circle

October 14: sweatlodge & closing circle, brunch, departures 

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what is Transformative Bodywork

Transformative Bodywork aims to enable people through touch, breath and conversation to get out of limiting patterns/old protection strategies hence unfolding and living our individual qualities and choices of here and now.

I touch several layers of the body, in some cases stimulate the activity and curiosity of muscles to be fully alive, in other cases applying a deep touch to release pressure in contracted areas. Sometimes I touch the waters of the body to experience more flow or emotional release, sometimes the bones for deep sense of grounding and belonging, other times I touch the senses or the consciousness in the field around the body.

The body can be seen as a big antenna that perceives itself and the world. Through trauma or cultural repetitions we numb and contract our bodies and lose the awareness for ourselves and range of options around us.

Through touch in a free and safe space we can get our perception back, release trapped energy and reintegrate disconnected parts of ourselves.

The work can be used for several layers of intention such as physical conditions, emotional or mental issues as well as practical projects.

We start he work with a conversation to set an aim for the session and the usually go to massage table. However, it is also possible that a session ends up sitting or standing, or moving around the room if the energy of your body requires so.

daily schedule

Elemental Body Activation Trainings 7:30-8:30

Breakfast 8:30-9:30

Transformative Bodywork Sessions 9:30–10:30/ 10:45-11:45 / 12:00-13:00 

Morning session group: meditation & journaling exercises 

Afternoon session group: beach/excursion time

Lunch: 13:00-14:00

Transformative Bodywork Sessions 15:00-16:00 / 16:15-17:15 / 17:30-18:30

Afternoon session group: meditation & journaling exercises 

Morning session group: beach/excursion time

Dinner 19:00 - 20:00

Evening Specials: 20:00

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Jana Toepfer is a therapist for Transformative Bodywork with the passion of listening and translating the language of the body so you can understand it. 

We work with breath and touch and the wisdom of your body. 

Our bodies hold the key to access more energy, strength, clarity and flow. 

You experience a new perspective to outdated behaviour patterns. 

Transformative Bodywork takes you on a deeply empowering journey. This work is for you if you desire to experience more freedom, aliveness and flow in your body, in your everyday life. You receive support in working on limiting patterns and strategies - no matter if of physical, emotional or mental nature.

"For my Body, for my Spirit"

Transformative Bodywork Retreat 

Full retreat investment: 1490EUR (in single luxury glamping space)

Empowering your life through your body - a healing retreat with a sequence of individual Transformative Bodywork sessions with Jana Toepfer

October 9-14

Nature Resort Quinta Alma, Aljezur, Portugal

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how do I sign up?


send an email to 

WhatsApp/Telegram: +351.927181448

You will then receive an e-mail for your deposit payment of 600EUR to reserve your space. Remaining payment due 4 weeks prior to retreat.

Quinta Alma

 Quinta Alma is a private and intimate natural ecological retreat farm. A magical place, totally off grid and hidden in the mountains of Monchique but right next to Aljezur, in Algarve’s worldclass Atlantic coast.
It is a place for those that want to have a close but yet comfortable experience with the natural elements.

Quinta Alma on google maps

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