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For my Body, for my Spirit: Transformative Bodywork Retreat

February 25th to March 1st, 2024 at Monte Orada, Aljezur, Portugal 


May 12th to 17th, 2024 at Quinta Alma, Aljezur, Portugal


This self healing retreat will take you on a 6-day journey into the wisdom of your body.

Receive daily one-on-one Transformative Bodywork sessions by Jana Toepfer along with personal guidance and enjoy the inclusive and cozy retreat setting

in Portugal's most stunning retreat centres with morning  group sessions of

somatic movement activations and evening group integration work such as meditations, yin yoga, space for questions and sharing, and soundhealings.



Ready to Break Free? Unlock life's natural flow.

Feel yourself. Experience your feelings and emotions. Don't shut them out. Feel alive. Discover the power and medicine contained within the universe of your body.
Want more power & love: Discover a new perspective on effort and find out how release of tension can lead to more vital life force and love to share.
• Release Joy from Within: Say goodbye to stubborn holding patterns that have been numbing your joy and natural gratitude for life. Unleash your happiness.
• Reclaim Your Vitality: If fatigue, stress, anxiety, or pain are holding you back, it's time for a change.

Join our Transformative Bodywork Retreat and dissolve self-made protection walls to recharge and heal.

Reclaim your physical, emotional, and mental well-being and step into a realm of healing and profound change. Whether you're seeking to work with physical conditions, navigate intense emotions like anger and grief, or break free from mental barriers that no longer serve you, this retreat is your gateway to a life that supports your dreams.

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Bodywork Retreat with Jana Toepfer at Quinta Alma.jpg
Jana Toepfer Transformative Bodywork Aljezur.jpg
alternative healing Aljezur Bodywork Retreat with Jana Toepfer.jpg

This retreat offers a holistic approach to transformation, addressing your body, emotions, and mind. You are on your own very personal journey, but you are not alone: The combination of individual support during your daily Transformative Bodywork sessions combined with the unique group setting, which consists of morning body activation sessions, evening group sessions for integration and relaxation, along with supporting rituals to open and ground your personal intention for this retreat, makes this specific format so powerful. 

Curious about what others had to say about working with Jana?

„I had the opportunity to experience Jana within the context of a retreat, several workshops, and also 1-1 bodywork sessions, and I owe her a lot on my healing journey. I always felt very safe in her spaces, and I was able to go so deep. Jana initiated several processes of transformation in my life, and I am very grateful to her. I continue to take advantage of every opportunity to avail myself of her offerings and can wholeheartedly recommend her work."
- Rebecca from Berlin
"The best part of Jana's transformative bodywork sessions is that she cultivates a delightfully private environment in which I can completely let go and we just follow what my body wants to tell us. I feel incredibly light, cheerful, and calm afterwards. Dear Jana, I appreciate this space where I can just be and feel.“

- Dani from Berlin

"Our body is the gate to our true being; for me, this gate was closed for a long time. Jana's enchanting, sensitive work has given me new access to myself. I was able to slowly dissolve the self-made protective wall, letting go step by step at my own pace. Held and trusted to feel myself again. Jana's sessions are a priceless gift.“

Jessica from Hamburg

"I met Jana by a mere chance, and got interested in her practice as I was not familiar with transformative bodywork. The joyful presence and gentle courage in her approach impacted my body and mind more than years of medical attention and physiotherapists have done. I have Erb’s palsy in my arm, and I was amazed as I became aware of my neglected and disintegrated arm wanting to become alive and seen again, as if it was dancing. Jana helped me so much by her touch full of love, trust and a gift of joy. My arm continues to dance as I started to practice what I learned from Jana.

- Roosa Näsi from Helsinki


What to expect?


Wake up each morning in the comfort of your luxury safari glamping tent at our summer location Quinta Alma, (our location for the May Retreat) a hidden gem just 10 minutes from Aljezur.

Rest profoundly at our winter location Monte Orada (our location for the February/March Retreat), a cozy boutique retreat center about 20min north of Aljezur with heated rooms, fireplace and sauna.


Begin your transformative journey with the profound ritual of a purification sweat lodge (if weather conditions permit. Alternative for too hot or too rainy days: a 2-hour Workshop "Movement & Breath Journey through the elements")

Guided by Jana's morning body activation sessions, your days unfold with purpose. After breakfast in the morning sun, you will receive your personal Transformative Bodywork session and individual exercises to expand the work of your session. In the afternoon you have time off to enjoy walks in nature and on the breathtaking beaches.  If you are in choose the afternoon sessions group, you have time for yourself in nature in the morning and will be receiving your individual Bodywork session in the afternoon.

We meet in the group for healthy, vegetarian lunches and dinners. As daylight fades, evenings bring an enchanting blend of integration and sharing circles to connect deeper with the group, relaxation and meditation practices, sound healings and voice work, or the appearance of guest teachers to deepen specific topics.

The retreat closes in another sweat lodge experience, preparing you for the journey ahead. (if weather conditions permit. Alternative for too hot or too rainy days: a 2-hour  "Trance Dance")

Transformative Bodywork Retreat with Jana Toepfer at Quinta Alma Aljezur Portugal
Transformative Bodywork Retreat with Jana Toepfer at Monte Orada, Alentejo, Portugal
Bodywork Retreat at Quinta Alma Aljezur breakfast
Jana Toepfer somatic healing Aljezur.jpg
somatic emotional release healing with Jana Toepfer Retreats Portugal, life coachin
Bodywork Retreat Portugal personal healing and coaching
Transformative Bodywork Retreat with Jana Toepfer Portugal Quinta Alma personal healing retreat

what is Transformative Bodywork and why is it so powerful?


Transformative Bodywork has the ability to free individuals through the powerful combination of touch, breath, and conversation. It is a key to unlock limiting patterns and long-standing defences such as childhood or teenage trauma, enables us to be in experience unwanted or feared emotions and reveals available possibilities within the choice of here and now.

As a skilled practitioner, I work on multiple layers of the body, for example encouraging muscles to learn, follow the flow of fluids or help emotions to be experienced and released . With deep-touch techniques, we can release tension from constricted areas and promote deep states of relaxation ad trust. We can also pay attention to joints and bones, fostering a sense of grounding and connection to the world around us. We may also touch and work with your senses and memory. 


Through our work, we bring vitality and harmony to the body. Through touch in a free and safe space, we can get our perception back, release trapped energy and reintegrate disconnected parts of ourselves.



What is your intention?

The work can be used for several layers of intention such as physical conditions, emotional or mental issues as well as practical projects.

You can come with anything that screams for attention in your life: Overwhelm and helplessness with the state of the world, deeply moving family matters, grief over disease, death or unlived/unexpressed parts of your life, physical conditions (a lot of times our bodies have been trying to get our attention for a long time already to address something thats not in balance!), childhood trauma that you came across during your psychotherapy and feel you have mentally dealt with but somehow it’s still there, situations that seem to repeat in your life and you don’t know why, a deep longing for something that you yet have not been able to fulfil, an ongoing conflict with an inner voice (the inner critic, the inner control freak,…), or simply a deep curiosity to work more with the body and to feel yourself and your life more, or a longing to expand & share your love with the world.


Program for our 6-day Transformative Bodywork Retreat 


Day 1 :

arrival, grounding body relaxation or sweatlodge & opening circle 

Day 2:

elemental body activation training, individual sessions

& evening sharing circle 

Day 3:

elemental body activation training, individual sessions

& evening body relaxation and meditation

Day 4 :

elemental body activation training, individual sessions

& evening sound healing/voice work (guest teachers)

Day 5: elemental body activation training, individual sessions

& evening group session (sharing, questions, deepening work)

Day 6: sweatlodge or Trance Dance & closing circle, brunch


Daily schedule:

8:00-9:00 Elemental Body Activation Trainings

9:00-10:00 Breakfast

Group 1: Transformative Bodywork Sessions:

10:00–11:00/ 11:15-12:15 / 12:30-13:30 

Group 2: nature, beach walks & relaxation time


13:30-14:30 Lunch

Group 2: Transformative Bodywork Sessions:

15:30-16:30 / 16:45-17:45 / 18:00-19:00

Group 1: nature, beach & relaxation time

19:00 - 20:00 Homemade Dinner

20:00 Evening Specials

Jana Toepfer retreats Portugal
Jana Toepfer retreats Aljezur
Jana Toepfer Bodywork retreats and nature reconnection

Meet Jana: Your Guide to Transformation Through the Body


Hello, I'm Jana – a transformative bodyworker with a profound connection to the body's innate wisdom. My journey is about embracing the language of the body, a language that holds the keys to your growth and healing. 

I have over 11 years of experience in holding transformational space for groups and individuals, as I've been guiding yoga & somatic movement & meditation retreats in Algarve, Portugal since 2012.

Studying and teaching yoga, somatic movement, dance and touch and also navigating my own life with all its questions and challenges, I’ve learned to listen to the body's messages. Through touch, breath and dialogue, my teacher Sophie Kinkel has uncovered a unique way of guiding us out of old patterns. As a practitioner of Sophie’s Transformative Bodywork school, I am excited to share these insights with you and help you read your body’s messages.

In a world filled with responsibilities, we often overlook our body's signals. I've walked that path too, understanding the art of holding everything together. But I've also felt the toll it takes – discomfort, unrest, anxiety. These are invitations to change.

Instead of seeing discomfort as a flaw, let's view it as a catalyst for transformation. It's a sign that you're ready to answer your body's call for change. The beauty is, change doesn’t mean turning your whole life upside down. Small shifts can lead to profound freedom.

I'm not here to fix you – you're not broken. I'm here to guide you on a journey of self- discovery and empowerment. Together we make sense of your body's messages and celebrate your strength and uniqueness.

With 15 years in the realm of the body, I've taught yoga, guided somatic movement therapies, and led transformative retreats across Portugal. In our time together, you'll experience my Transformative Bodywork and join invigorating sessions like Elemental Body Activation Training.

Jana Toepfer Transformative Bodywork coaching Aljezur Portugal
Jana Toepfer Transformative Bodywork Retreats Aljezur Portugal
Relax Retreat Portugal by Jana Toepfer
Jana Toepfer Bodywork Retreat personal healing and coaching at Quinta Alma Aljezur
Jana Toepfer's special somatic healing retreats at Quinta Alma somatic group session


The total retreat price for our February/March Retreat at Monte Orada is

1.549 EUR (single accommodation in cozy, heated room)

The total retreat price for our May Retreat at Quinta Alma is

1.695EUR (in single luxury glamping space: Superior Safari Tent)

Total retreat price includes 5-night single accommodation, 3 meals per day and all group work and individual work.

Additional costs:

You will need to book your own travel to Quinta Alma/Monte Orada. For both locations, Faro is the closest airport (1.5hrs driving time). Lisbon is also possible (3hrs driving time). You can travel by public transport and taxi, however, we recommend to book a rental car to flexible with excursions during your stay. We are happy to put you in touch with other participants to share rental cars.

Sign up
Signing up for this immersive journey is effortless, connect directly with Jana through email or on WhatsApp/Telegram:


To secure your spot and embark on this transformative experience, a deposit payment of 600EUR is required. You will receive an invoice and payment information after signing up. Once your deposit is received, your journey begins to take shape.


"Reach out & please feel free to tell me about your intention for the retreat. There is also the possibility to have a short chat, to find out if this retreat is the right fit for you. 

with love, Jana"


Retreat also includes a 45-60min phone conversation with Jana 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the retreat to speak about your up-to-date intention and desire for the retreat.


Ready to Embrace Transformation? Here's How to Join:


Why Should You Join?


- Transformative Awakening: Experience a profound inner shift as you unlock layers of limitation, revealing the vibrant essence that's uniquely you.

- Reconnection with Nature: Immerse yourself in the serene embrace of Quinta Alma or Monte Orada, surrounded by the beauty and tranquillity of native forests and close by cliffs and beaches.

- Guided Exploration: Led by Jana's expert guidance, you'll navigate a carefully curated journey that integrates body, mind, and spirit.

- Community experience: Connect with fellow seekers, sharing insights and forging bonds that might last beyond the retreat.

- Anchor Your Intentions: Conclude your journey with a powerful sweat lodge experience or Trance Dance, solidifying your intentions and emerging renewed.

Elevate Your Life – Secure your spot today!

Jana Toepfer somatic coaching Portugal
Jana Toepfer's new Bodywork retreats at Monte Orada, Portugal
Images from our Transformative Bodywork Retreat, Quinta Alma, October 2023

a poem from a participant



Body talk

Hello, dear mu
scles, I can feel you.
Hello, dear fears, I truly see you.
Hello, dear thoughts, yes I can hear you.
And: I choose what’s best for me.

I surrender, I surrender,
I let my dearest body guide me.
I dare to embody my vulnerability fully,
And I will do so from now on.
By listening to every single word 
my body’s whispering, singing, crying.
I feel free to open up,
To find my way
And to empower
What’s best for me in the here and now.

Thanks dear body, here we are now.
Let me embrace you as you are.

- a poem by Dorien Bellaar from Amsterdam
written after working with Jana

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