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what is Transformative Bodywork?

Transformative Bodywork aims to enable people through touch, breath and conversation to get out of limiting patterns/old protection strategies hence unfolding and living our individual qualities and choices of here and now.

I touch several layers of the body, in some cases stimulate the activity and curiosity of muscles to be fully alive, in other cases applying a deep touch to release pressure in contracted areas. Sometimes I touch the waters of the body to experience more flow or emotional release, sometimes the bones for deep sense of grounding and belonging, other times I touch the senses or the consciousness in the field around the body.


The body can be seen as a big antenna that perceives itself and the world. Through trauma or cultural repetitions we numb and contract our bodies and lose the awareness for ourselves and range of options around us.

Through touch in a free and safe space we can get our perception back, release trapped energy and reintegrate disconnected parts of ourselves.

The work can be used for several layers of intention such as physical conditions, emotional or mental issues as well as practical projects. We start the work with a conversation to set an aim for the session and the usually go to massage table. However, it is also possible that a session ends up sitting or standing, or moving around the room if the energy of your body requires so.


What happens during a Transformative Bodywork session?

The work can be used for several layers of intention such as physical conditions, emotional or mental issues as well as practical projects. You learn about repetitive patterns, physical & emotional release, increased energy flow, or a deep sense of grounding and inner peace. Together we embark on a journey to access and translate the wisdom of your body. You are welcome to follow any needs of your body and express any emotions that come up. We might have moments of tears, laughter, different movements or total relaxation. Through different sensations and emotions that come up, you release blockages and allow for pathways to re-open. There is no right or wrong in what you should feel...anything is welcome without any judgement and we just allow it, trust and surrender to the healing wisdom of your body.

Let me explain a typical session

We start with a conversation to formalise an intention for the session. This can, for example, be the wish to experience more connection (to life, to people,..), to resolve an emotional issue (heartbreak, dreams that don’t seem to come true, reoccurring situations that feel repetitive and limiting,…), physical injuries (acute pain, ongoing suffering or old scars,…) or can also refer to mental states (e.g.”I see the world as unfair”, “life is hard”, things we have been told as children mostly,…) that are limiting and standing in the way to live our full authentic self.


Then we usually start on the massage table, and I touch the body, a lot of times starting on the belly to cultivate deep breathing and signal to the body that we are giving it presence and attention now, so that energy can start to flow. Depending on the quality that you need (stabilising, more flow/more energy, more perception/moving away from numbness, calming/grounding the nervous system, emotional release,…) we work with the different layers of touch: touching and applying strong pressure, or light touch to create awareness for the body part, touching bones, blood/liquids, muscles, senses and consciousness outside of the body. Your body tells us what is needed, it is really a deep listening to the body and following the natural flow of the body.


Throughout the session, we communicate to retrieve information on sensation and what’s needed next, and I ask questions which you can reflect on, that may be useful to recognise (life) patterns held in the body and to reclaim the power to change these and transform into something in the choice of here and now. A lot of times we recognise automatic patterns in certain circumstances (contracting, numbing, checking out of the body, etc..) and in the session you are given the opportunity to learn about and change this pattern. 


It is possible that during the session

... emotions are released (screaming, crying, laughing) and that energy/life force wants to move through the body that require moving away from the massage table, and continuing the session by moving through the room, in which case I always stay in contact with you, giving space and holding space for what wants to happen. It is also possible that you go into a deep passive state and we never leave the massage table during the session. 

It is possible that we meet (childhood) trauma, and bring old stories into the consciousness and power of choice of now.

Anything can happen. It is quite magical when the body is given the time and space to reveal its information to be seen and understood. I see myself as a translator of the body language, bringing the wisdom of the body back into our life choices. A session can definitely feel like a “ceremonial” or “altered” state with lots of energy flow, sensation of deep roots, confidence in oneself, deep acceptance/trust and creativity flow. A session gives a lot of insight, compassion and chance to reclaim the choice over one’s behavior and strategies. 

The session is followed by 5-10min of relaxation and a closing conversation afterwards. 


Looking forward to working with you.

With Love,


Opportunities to work with me

Individual 1hr sessions available in Aljezur & surroundings at Coaraçaõ Shala. Pricing per session 80EUR, discounts and exchanges available for locals. Please ask. +351.927 181 448

As a traveler, you can come to Aljezur and book a series of individual Bodywork Sessions spread out over 3-5 days with me while you spend a few days in a holiday apartment of your choice, take long walks along the beach and cliffs and allow yourself to relax.

Please enquire about your preferred dates.

For the powerful format of working in a group setting, please see my upcoming Transformative Bodywork Retreats.

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