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about Jana Toepfer

Jana is a transformative bodywork therapist who has been practicing this form of healing since 2020. Jana holds a profound connection to the body's language that holds the key for growth and healing. She will sensitively guide you on a journey to empowerment, release and vitality with great clarity and a huge heart. 

Jana has been working with the wisdom of the body since 2010 when she began teaching Anusara Yoga and has since deepened her studies in Meditation, Body Mind Centering, Elemental Body Connection, Somatics, Feldenkrais, Contact Improvisation & Contemporary Dance and Animal Movement. She continues leading group sessions of somatic movement and elemental body practices, as well as retreats. She also guides individual therapeutic Transformative Bodywork Retreats.


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„Our body is the gate to our true being; for me, this gate was closed for a long time. Jana's enchanting, sensitive work has given me new access to myself. I was able to slowly dissolve my self-made protection wall, letting go step by step at my own pace.  I was held and trusted to feel myself again. Jana's sessions are a priceless gift."

- Jessica from Hamburg, Germany

"I feel so truly grateful and inspired for our time together. It’s was definitely a threshold for my new life.

I could integrate so much of the pearls of wisdom we discovered in the retreat. I did so much of Janas meditation and movement practices on sound-cloud in the back months, it was great to listen to her gorgeous and loving voice. It helped me to establish again may lost daily meditation practice and to connect back to yoga as one of my medicines. It was the best present for my self care and ritual connection I could do in 2020 and it was key in my attitude towards a massive challenging year.

I’ll definitely will come back."


- Veronica Alvarez, Mexico

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Jana Toepfer meditation and bodywork retreat at Quinta Alma Aljezur.jpg

"I met Jana by a mere chance, and got interested in her practice as I was not familiar with transformative bodywork. The joyful presence and gentle courage in her approach impacted my body and mind more than years of medical attention and physiotherapists have done. I have Erb’s palsy in my arm, and I was amazed as I became aware of my neglected and disintegrated arm wanting to become alive and seen again, as if it was dancing. Jana helped me so much by her touch full of love, trust and a gift of joy. My arm continues to dance as I started to practice what I learned from Jana."


- Roosa Näsi, Helsinki, Finland

„I had the opportunity to experience Jana within the context of a retreat, several workshops, and also 1-1 bodywork sessions, and I owe her a lot on my healing journey. I always felt very safe in her spaces, and I was able to go so deep. Jana initiated several processes of transformation in my life, and I am very grateful to her. I continue to take advantage of every opportunity to avail myself of her offerings and can wholeheartedly recommend her work."

- Rebecca from Berlin

Jana Toepfer somatic Bodywork Aljezur
Ocean and Yoga Retreats by the ocean Aljezur

"The time in Olho Branco was one of the most enriching times in my life. Whenever I'm all wound up in the daily routine and want to find some peace of mind, I get out my Ocean & Yoga journal and think back to all the beautiful moments and inspirational practices I learnt there.

I do my own "Yes to Life" sigh, imagine myself singing mantras and dancing on the yoga deck with the warming sun on my face, savoring the wonderful dishes, enjoying sound bowl massage or listening to the sound of the ocean. In moments of meditation, asana practice or just outside somewhere in the woods, I recall thoughts and feelings I had during the retreat and try to remind myself of my true nature. I'm so grateful that the waves of life have taken me to this magical place with these wonderful people and I'm hoping to give back some love and gratefulness when I come back. Thank you Jana, Eva and Fernando for passing on your wisdom and love! Amor, amor, amor..."


- Inga Beeck, Stuttgart, Germany

Ocean and Yoga Transformative Bodywork Retreats
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