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about Ocean and Yoga

We are creating Ocean and Yoga in Algrave, Portugal retreats since 2013, Jana was the inspired one that started all! The Ocean and Yoga family grew, and the retreats evolved and transformation happened...

We love to feel the appreciation of every one who joins us. The testimonials below, and others, are so valuable. It is an indicator we are doing the work we love, with dedication, to touch peoples lives and to ignite transformation. If you have been on a Ocean and Yoga retreat, please share about your experience with us, it might be helpfull for others to take the same step!


"I still fantasize about the food we ate at the retreat. It was a complete eye opener for me. I came back full of inspiration and newly found love for my kitchen!!!! Olga, you taught us so much more than mindful eating. I understood for the first time in my life what is actually a "whole food diet”.

I cannot tell you how influential this has been for me. I started fermenting again! And I often prepare breakfast porridge/nut butter/ fruits for my kids. They love it.

A lot of the physical yoga and somatic movement practice stuck with me ever since the retreat. Jana created a space for experimentation, fun, healing and (re-) connection. It was a truly magical experience for me as I worked through some of my physical trauma thanks to the practice and teachings. What I learned helps me especially when I feel stressed out. I also loved your music and singing, and the way you eased us in and out of the practice."


- Laurence Pagni, Germany

"I feel so truly grateful and inspired for our time together. It’s was definitely a threshold for my new life.

I could integrate so much of the pearls of wisdom we discovered in the retreat. I’m soaking so much food and eating almost vegan. My daughter became 200% vegan and I can support her thanks to all the recipes, tips and knowledge from the retreat. 

I did so much of Janas meditation and yoga sound-cloud resources in the back months, it was great to listen to her gorgeous and loving voice. It helped me to establish again may lost daily meditation practice and to connect back to yoga as one of my medicines. It was the best present for my self care and ritual connection I could do in 2020 and it was key in my attitude towards a massive challenging year.

I’ll definitely will come back."


- Veronica Alvarez, Mexico


"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!

 When I arrived at the farm Olho Branco, I was totally exhausted from my new job and everything I wanted was some peace and freedom. After one night sleep I felt at home and my mind calmed down. Jana and Terra were wonderful, warm-hearted and wise teachers, who made this retreat to a kind of lifejourney. I learnt so much about myself, and I am so thankful to meet all this wonderful people from all over Europe on the farm, who shared this experience with me. Thanks so much also to Eva, Fernando and Max for their kindness and delicious food. I left this magical place with a lot of new energy, inspiration, motivation and so much love in my heart. I hope I can share all my new ideas with people at home. 

            And dont forget to breathe! Amor, amor, ..." 


- Isabelle Defort, Germany

"Beautiful, in the tent I shared with three lovely other souls, I felt super comfortable and it felt almost like sleeping unter the stars. The whole area of Wild Oasis is so beautiful, individual and there is nothing I missed! I really enjoyed the free peeing in nature (: And the dome is really unique.

Cata is such a lovely soul with a great sense of connecting with people. Without knowing any other group members, I felt super comfortable as it was a place full of trust and open hearts! I could really go deep through the variety of offered practices and I am so grateful for the experience and really looking forward to join the next retreat with Cata! Obrigada!!!"

- Roxy, Germany

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 12.06_edited.jpg

"The time in Olho Branco was one of the most enriching times in my life. Whenever I'm all wound up in the daily routine and want to find some peace of mind, I get out my Ocean & Yoga journal and think back to all the beautiful moments and inspirational practices I learnt there.

I do my own "Yes to Life" sigh, imagine myself singing mantras and dancing on the yoga deck with the warming sun on my face, savoring the wonderful dishes, enjoying sound bowl massage or listening to the sound of the ocean. In moments of meditation, asana practice or just outside somewhere in the woods, I recall thoughts and feelings I had during the retreat and try to remind myself of my true nature. I'm so grateful that the waves of life have taken me to this magical place with these wonderful people and I'm hoping to give back some love and gratefulness when I come back. Thank you Jana, Eva and Fernando for passing on your wisdom and love! Amor, amor, amor..."


- Inga Beeck, Stuttgart, Germany

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