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Somatic Study
& Mentorship Program

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1year of
somatic study and embodiment mentorship
with Jana Toepfer

Honour your life!

We live in a time, that challenges us all. 

I cannot navigate the challenges of life alone. You cannot navigate the challenges of life alone.

But we can walk together. 

I was asked by some of the participants of my last Bodywork Retreat, if I would consider opening a year-long online study program to integrate the practices of embodiment into daily life and to go deeper within the teachings of somatic experiencing, emotional, trauma and grief work, eastern medicine approaches, and rituals.

I said yes.

This program is for women who want to be more embodied and empowered, and feel more of life!

We will deepen your personal somatic experience and work with physical conditions, emotional states and life challenges.

My vision of this course is to open a magic space together, once a month, to be together as we are, without having to fake anything, taking off our daily masks and roles and breathe out together. And then we can have honest and heartfelt conversation and step into a practice together, that supports each of us with the current challenges that we are facing.

I will introduce relevant topics and share teachings of wisdom in each session, but it’s not a fixed curriculum that we have to achieve. The way of guiding this work as a woman is to make space for what is appearing, what needs to be heard and seen, and to learn from each other. Each of our perspective and experience is relevant and important for this work, so this is not a course to silently and passively suck up material, but to take your seat in this this ever-revealing wheel of wisdom. And don’t worry, I will guide you to take that seat, so that you don’t have to do it from a place of pressure or expectation, but so that you can find and land in your seat with your softness and your already perfectly capable heart.

In this year-long study, I will be holding space for you individually and for us as a group. So you can reveal who you are. Who you long to be. Already are. Yet can’t see.


In this container of transformation, we will dive into the rich universe of somatic practices and experience, breath and meditation practices, wisdom sharing, community building, practices to remember and to return to wholeness. We will laugh, we will cry, we will celebrate, forgive, say yes to life and our true belonging on earth, we will create a space that answers the longing in our hearts, a space to be authentic and dive into conversations from the heart. A space to feel supported and where we can recharge  and reduce suffering.

Identifying as women, our bodies are deeply linked with the cycles of nature. We just can't escape that fact. Therefore we will reclaim the power of honouring the seasons and learn about specific celebrations and how to practice ritual and prayer in our daily lives, as modern women. This is not a study program about the Celtic Wheel and its practices, but its seasonal wisdom will be woven into the program so that we will be connecting to the bigger cycle of nature and receive universal support.


You will also receive tools that you can share in work as a teacher, therapist, facilitator, coach, or to share and apply in your family, work, community and friendships.

The size of the group will be small, 6 people for the in-person retreats and 9 people maximum  for the online study group.

So what do you need to participate in this program?

Required for entry into this program is that you have already participated in a retreat with me, (preferably that you can join the Opening Live-Retreat at Quinta Alma October 13-18). You don't need prior education in somatic or yoga practices. This program meets all of us where we are, no matter if we have already practiced for years, or if you are just beginning. The topics are designed in a way that they will meet levels of profoundness depending on the readiness of the layers to receive.

You do need:

A curiosity to be more embodied, to feel more alive and to contain more life energy.

A willingness and wanting to transform old habits and beliefs.

A call to be part of a collective, a community, a circle of women who are committed to study the mystery of our lives.


The format will be: 


Live-Retreat 1: 

Transformative Bodywork Opening Retreat in Portugal @ Quinta Alma, Aljezur:

October 13-18, 2024 

with daily individual Transformative Bodywork sessions, and group study & integration work in the mornings & evenings

Live-Retreat 2: 

Transformative Bodywork Closing Retreat in Portugal @ Quinta Alma, Aljezur

October 2025. Dates to be announced.

with daily individual Transformative Bodywork sessions, and group study & integration work in the mornings & evenings


Online events:

October 2024 - October 2025: 12 monthly Zoom calls of 120min

(depending on season 18:00 - 20:00 or 19:00 - 21:00 GMT on the first Sunday evening of every month)

plus 4 special Equinox & Solstice calls close to these dates (also 120min each)

= 16 online sessions in total


Sunday, November 3, 2024 (Samhain call)

Sunday, December 1, 2024

Sunday, Dec 15, 2024 (Winter Solstice call)

Sunday, January 5, 2025

Sunday, February 2, 2025 (Imbolc call)

Sunday, March 2, 2025

Sunday, March 16, 2025 (Spring Equinox call) 

Sunday, April 6, 2025

Sunday, May 4, 2025 (Beltane call)

Sunday, June 1, 2025

Sunday, June 15 Summer Solstice (5 days before solstice)

Sunday, July 6, 2025 

Sunday, August 3, 2025 (Lughnasa call)

Sunday, September 7, 2025

Sunday, September 21, 2025 (Fall Equinox call)

Sunday, October 5, 2025


In general:

Deepening of personal Embodiment, transforming emotional and thinking patterns in daily life, healing old belief systems through the body and in the field of community. Freeing more vital life force and use it towards intentions of our choice through somatic exercises/explorations and breathing and meditation tools. Learning the art of shape-shifting, perspective-change and compassion for ourselves and others. Reclaiming authenticity, love and responsibility.


Specific topics:

- The Elemental Body, The Energetic Body & The World we live in

- Anatomy of Breath, cellular awareness & cellular breathing

- The Liquid Body & The Blood

- Touch. The beginning of Life. A journey into embryology.

- The Mind & Meditation

- The Cycle, The Womb & The Voice

- The Nervous System: How to stay grounded in a fast-moving world

- Desires, The Inner Child & The Gold found in the wound

- Anger, Shame, Grief, Pain & Suffering 

- The Fear of Death & Freedom

- Eastern Medicine Approach (Organs, Meridians, Chakras) & The Queen Postures of Yoga 

- Reciprocity with all of Life, and What is Peace?

For the Special Solstice & Equinox calls: 

- The Art of Prayer & Forgiveness

- The Art of Personalised Ritual 

- Storytelling & Myths of Wise Women​​​

- The Art of living a simple life

Structure of the online sessions:

Each session will offer time for sharings and everyone to speak and check in and be seen in their individual research of life and its processes, before we continue with wisdom and information sharing about teachings of the wisdom of the body from various somatic and yogic schools and latest scientific trauma-research. We will each time dive into guided, somatic explorations, physical exercises and practical breathing and meditation exercises, as we get into our own bodies as the field of research and curiosity. We will always review our practice and there will be room for questions, deepening, and bringing the fruits of our research together.  


Each session contains:

- Meditation/Centering

- Physical practice/Somatic experience/Breathing Tools

- Sharing / observation of the the present/the field 

- Introduction, Information and visualization of a topic

- Room for somatic research of the topic

- Deepening and/or clarification of the topic and sharing fruits of research as community

- Practical application to life 

- Material to read, muse, and study - or not-  in between monthly sessions



1,695EUR per live retreat (including all individual sessions and support, group sessions, accommodation and all meals. travel to Portugal not included)

990EUR for the online course (20 sessions of 120min, streaming recordings available if you miss a call)

Interested? Questions? Ready to sign up? Let me know! 

Excited to embark on this journey with you. With love, Jana

+351.927 181 448

Interested? Send me a message!

Tel: +351.927 181 448

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