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private yoga retreats Portugal, private yoga classes Aljezur, yoga classes Aljezur, body therapy Aljezur, high quality yoga retreat Portugal, family friendly yoga retreats,  nature yoga retreats Portugal, embodied yoga practice Portugal, Body Mind Centering Portugal, Jana Toepfer, ocean and yoga

yoga and surf retreats in Portugal, Costa Vicentina


Yoga and surf retreats in Southern Portugal: 

an experience of pure nature & connection!      


All Ocean & Yoga retreats are designed to enjoy a relaxing and inspiring week with a lot of time in nature, connecting deeply within and with the world around us. You can join us as a single traveler, as a couple, or come together with a friend. If you want to bring your children, please consider the family retreats - or please inquire directly. Sometimes we can accommodate (older) childen in regular retreats. Group sizes are limited to 9 -14 people depending on the retreat program. 



All yoga classes and workshops take place outside, so we are free to move without masks and group classes of up to 20 people are currently allowed in Portugal. However, our retreat groups are usually only 5-12 people, so everyone has enough space on our renovated and extended yoga deck ;) Meals are also served outside, so all is pretty easy here. We are doing our best to create a worrie-free space for you!    

(updated August 5, 2020)




Yoga, Meditation & Mindful Eating Retreat - a week dedicated to Health & Life Source


with Jana Toepfer, Olga Sadowski & team

Focus: yoga and somatic movement, meditation, pranayama, detox & mindful eating rituals, conscious cooking, nature reconnection, soul & body nourishment


Celebrate your life! This retreat offers you a daily yoga & meditation practice to melt into your body and offers a new perspective on eating and healthy nutrition: eating as a practice of yoga! Get into your body. Understand your body to understand the dynamics of life & nature. Learn to prepare healthy and nourishing meals in our non-dogmatic cooking workshops. Reconnect with your "gut intelligence" and explore meditation to reconnect with the Source of life!

We are offering 3 different yoga retreat programs


Our Classic Retreats (in spring, summer & autumn) offer a relaxing program with plenty of time in nature and with daily yoga for all levels (mobilizing, strengthening & relaxing; influenced by Hatha Yoga, Body Mind Centering and other healing somatic traditions) and a first experience of surfing (2 surfing days with beginners lessons included in the program). Also included: ocean guiding, sound journey and nature reconnection workshops.


Our Yoga, Meditation & Mindful Eating Retreats focus on our belonging and connection to the earth and our health. We offer an inner cleansing/detox process and a deep journey to explore how we can simpify life and deepen the Source connection to ourselves. 


Our Family Retreats focus on a yoga, surf & nature experience for the whole family, including the new generation! No matter who your family is (single dad or mom, 1 kid, 2 kids, 3 or 4 kids, mother and grandfather, sister and grandfather,...) you are welcome to join us for this super fun week together!

Yoga and surf retreats in a beautiful location in Portugal, Costa Vicentina

All yoga and surf retreats are hosted by Olho Branco, a beautiful, organic farm in Southern Portugal, run by a lovely Portuguese/Czech family. Share their lifestyle of authentically living in and from nature. You will love them & their hospitality!


Live on an organic farm and nourish yourself with organic & homemade food!
You will stay in one of the two cozy, refurbished farmhouses: Casa Por do Sol (Sunset-House) and Casa Nascer do Sol (Sunrise House) or (depending on season) in an all-naturally-built wooden cabin.

You may also camp in the beautiful garden and receive a discount on the retreat price.

Wake up to the sounds of nature, pick fresh figs and walnuts, harvest veggies, and enjoy family style dinners on the big table under the tree. Enjoy the company of Samba and Balou the friendly dogs, some wild cats and chickens. Only a 10 minute drive away from the most stunning beaches of Portugal's South Western coast, Costa Vicentina.

surf and yoga retreat cozy accommodation & room options

single rooms


Depending on the season, we have 2-3 single rooms available. If you prefer to have your own four walls for a bit more luxury and privacy, please check availability when you sign up. Please note that a surcharge of 100EUR-130EUR/per retreat applies for this extra comfort (depending on retreat).

double rooms


Most of our rooms are double rooms with two individual and separate beds for single travelers to be teamed up with a roommate - or friends traveling together. We can also supply this room with a big double bed for couples traveling together. Just tell us your preference when you sign up. Some double rooms have an ensuite bathroom, others shared bathrooms.



The mezzanine is located above the living room in Casa Nascer do Sol and can be a private room for one person, or shared between two. (two separate beds on opposite sides of the room, both people have plenty of private area).

Since it is just as cozy but not as quiet as the other rooms, we offer a small reduction of 40EUR-50EUR/ per retreat if the mezzanine is shared between 2 guests (depending on retreat). 

wooden cabin


The all-naturally built wooden cabin is set by the edge of the property, just below the yoga deck. It can be a single or shared accommodation for 1-3 people.

Jana personally feels this is the coziest accommodation offered, but since the eco-bathroom (separate building next door) has a dry compost toilet and only warm water for showers during the day (you may use the shower in the main house for hot showers at night, though!) we also offer a small reduction of 50EUR off the retreat price if shared between 3 people. 

what's included in a surf and yoga retreat - for an unforgettable experience of ocean, nature, yoga & yourself

daily yoga sessions - accessible and non-dogmatic!

we have morning and evening movement sessions. Morning sessions last 90min- 2.5hrs. Our teachers draw not only from traditional hatha yoga practices (asana, pranayama and meditation) but also from other healing arts and movement explorations such as Body Mind Centering, Feldenkrais, Fascia Release, and Dance. Evening sessions of 90min-2hrs are usually yin or restorative oriented to relax the body & mind. All sessions take place outside on our yoga deck (with roof and walls & one side open for free view into nature)                                                   see images

guided meditations in beautiful spots in nature - creative & simple!

on some mornings, these sessions take place at the farm, for example by the pond or along the flowing river when the sun rises. On other days, we show you our favorite spots along the cliffs, in the woods or at secluded beaches to dive into meditation in a way that has never felt easier. Nature guides us easily into our inner landscapes. Experience meditative states in new forms: moving, walking, sensing. As you enter into deeper intimacy with yourself, you might encounter new ideas on your soul's purpose.                                                                                              see images

surfing & ocean guiding - mindblowing facts about the ocean and a deeper understanding of your own nature!

In our Classic yoga & surf retreats, you get to enjoy an experience that goes beyond a normal surfing course. During the rereat, you will have 2 days of surfing classes (beginners or intermediate) with the best-educated surf instructors in the area. Your personal ocean guide will be of additional support for all of your questions and will guide us through one of the highlights of an Ocean & Yoga retreat: a 2hr ocean guiding session during which you observe, feel & experience the ocean at a level that is usually reserved for surfers, fishermen and divers.                       see images                                                                                                

soundjourney - pure soul nourishment. relax into the world of sound!

This has become a popular feature of every Ocean & Yoga retreat. As an outcome of the yoga sessions, our bodies will be more sensitive to hear and receive. The soundhealing is a pure gift to relax and it feels like receiving a massage of sounds. Our musicians bring instruments from the Amazon, Tibet and India, such as gongs, didgeridoos, drums, strings,... and you may sit & meditate or lie down under a blanket & enjoy your journey through your inner landscape. Music can be the language of the soul. This is an evening of conscious dream time, self exploration and relaxation.                                                                                                                                                  see images

nature reconnection workshops  - open talk & experience of nature & resources

Besides our beloved ocean guiding session, we now offer an additional nature reconnection workshop of diving deep into our innate connection to the earth. Fernando and/or Eva together with your retreat teacher will guide through a workshop of the world of medicinal herbs, a tour through the garden and the concept of permaculture with space for open conversation what each of us can do in our daily lives to live respectfully with resources. We finish with a tree planting ceremony to give back to nature and to the generations to come.                                                 see images

homemade organic meals - mmmmmmmmmmmhhhh. yum!

Fernando is the chef of the house and he is repeatedly being asked when he will finally open his own restaurant. Well, he is too busy for that since he also grows most the ingredients for our meals on the property. Experience palate-tickling deliciousness of divine, homemade & organic meals to nourish your body & soul. We enjoy two healthy meals a day: brunch & dinner with the option to take a lunch bag for the day.

Let us know if you have any food allergies or intolerances. We are happy to accommodate.                        see images

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