Ocean & Yoga Retreats in Portugal Algarve
Ocean & Yoga Retreats in Portugal Algarve

volunteers & friends


Join us as a volunteer!


...If you feel called to be part of a week of yoga, nature and community, but can't afford it at the moment, we don't want money to be an obstacle.

...If you feel called to be part of a yoga retreat and to support a group of people during their yoga experience, we would love to hear from you.


We offer 1 SPOT ONLY as a volunteer for each Ocean & Yoga retreat.


We provide a place to camp (and tent if needed), all meals and afternoon yoga classes or oter workshops in exchange for your help with preparing breakfast, organizational tasks and some light gardening (depending on retreat and season).



If you are interested, please let us know why you would love to be part of our team and for which retreat dates you apply for.


Please email: info@oceanandyoga.com 


Vegan Cooking classes!


Do you want to find our where Max and Fernando are finding some of their inspirtaion. This is the source!! Our friend Sebastian Copien offers amazing vega online cooking courses! (German language)

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