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morning meditation - Breath of the ocean


This meditation can be your morning coffee ;) start the day connecting with your breath, inner clarity and peace. Visualize the ocean breathing. Drink up some love. And then go about your day. Enjoy!





asana - Slow morning practice 


a slow and yummy start into the day. breath focused practice of slow moves, warming up spine, finding ease-fully into surya namaskar/sun salutations with gentle twists to cleanse our fatigue, malasana with twist and then already to the floor for some lower back release and hamstring flexibility. includes a guided savasana. Enjoy!




chant - om namah shivaya 


Start the day singing! the first round I chant line by line so you can listen once and then blend in your voice when I repeat the line. Followed by 2 more rounds to chant together. Enjoy!




awareness exercise - be in the moment. awake.


welcome yourself just as you are. Connect to breath and senses of hearing, smelling and feeling, creating your unique experience in this moment. it's all here for you to enjoy!


meditation - grounding and opening


a short meditation that you can do at any time during your day - less than 10minutes. following your breath between earth and sky fills you with calmness and trust and reconnects you to your creative nature. Try it out and enjoy!







enjoy watching the Ocean & Yoga video


this video was shot at the 2016 Ocean & Yoga Summer retreat. Thank you everyone who participated & especially director Kim from Kim Films!





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