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private yoga retreats Portugal, private yoga classes Aljezur, yoga classes Aljezur, body therapy Aljezur, high quality yoga retreat Portugal, family friendly yoga retreats,  nature yoga retreats Portugal, embodied yoga practice Portugal, Body Mind Centering Portugal, Jana Toepfer, ocean and yoga

sign up for a retreat

You can book your retreat by...

(updated terms as of May 13, 2020)



send an email to


with the following information:

- your full name, address & which retreat you'd like to sign up for 

- which room option you prefer (options listed on each retreat page)

- any dietary needs, allergies or food intolerances that you may have



You will receive a confirmation email with an invoice to wire your deposit payment of 400EUR to the account of your Ocean & Yoga retreat teacher. This amount is now fully refundable if the retreat is canceled.



A second deposit payment to the retreat location Olho Branco is due 4 weeks prior to the start date of your retreat. Depending on the retreat meal plan and room choice this amount is 150-450EUR



is only due upon arrival.


more info on traveling, arrival/departure & how to get here.

Important information about current status in Portugal, changes to expect in our retreats

and updated booking, deposits & refund terms:

  • Our retreats here in Portugal have recommenced as of July 18, 2020 in line with current health protection measures recommended and enforced by the Portuguese government. This is possible since we are hosting small groups only and the yoga classes are taking place outside on the (now extended!!) yoga deck and meals are also being served outside. With all the space that we have here, all minimum distance requirements can be met. And of course, we’ll be monitoring the situation and recommendations as they roll in. If needed, we'll adapt or cancel in which case we'll refund your deposit payment.
  • meals: will be served outside with spacious seating options.
  • rooms: we will try to make single rooms available whenever possible if this is important to you. Another option is to camp (in your own tent) for a discounted price.
  • group size: we'll comply with the current guidelines of the Portugues government and are in general reducing group sizes.
  • travel: We are optimistic about the continuation of smooth and easy traveling here. However, we recommend that you either wait with flight bookings until closer to the start of retreat, or to book with travel insurance or check the terms of the airline for vouchers or refunds in case retreat gets canceled. 
  • We have updated our cancelation and refund policies.
    • Your first deposit payment of 400EUR to Ocean & Yoga is now fully refundable in the event that we have to cancel the retreat. In the event that circumstances prevent you from traveling to the retreat (including flight cancelations) we share the risk with you and can refund 200EUR to you.
    • The second deposit payment to the retreat location Olho Branco for accommodation and meals is now only due 4 weeks prior to start of the retreat at which point we shall have certainty about the "go" for the retreat! However, this deposit is still partly refundable in case of unforeseen last minute events on Portugal’s side (such as change in measures that force us to cancel the retreat), or if you can’t come because of unexpected changes in your country of origin or last minute flight cancelations. Depending on the amount of this second deposit payment (depending on meal and room options between 150 and 450EUR) we can give you a refund of the portion for meals (depending on the retreat this is usually roughly 50% of this deposit to Olho Branco). And we will do so even until the day of start of retreat.

(updated January 13, 2021)





We are looking forward to meeting you!


Jana Toepfer

Founder of Ocean & Yoga 


feel free to contact me


Mobile Portugal (& what's app): +351.927 181 448

Mobile Germany (& Telegram): +49.173 60 21 874







Janna van Dujkeren 

Retreat Coordinator Ocean & Yoga


general business terms

payment terms

  • Ocean & Yoga is a free project bringing the wisdom of yoga and yoga teachers together. Your deposit fee of 400EUR will go directly to the yoga teacher(s) offering the retreat program. This deposit covers all your yoga lessons/workshop content guided by the respective teacher/s and reserves your spot in the program/on the yoga deck. All remaining costs are received by different entities than Ocean & Yoga.
  • A second deposit payment to book your room and board is due directly to the farm Olho Branco (respectively Seminarhaus in Germany). Wire instructions will be sent via email. If you wish to use paypal there is a +5% paypal fee.
  • The retreat prices listed on our website are calculated including further activities apart from the yoga programme, water activities, music/soundhealing sessions, nature reconnection workshops, circus workshops, cooking workshops etc. (depending on retreat). These costs will go directly to the respective workshop teachers and will therefore need to be brought to the retreat in cash so they can be paid directly. We will let you know via email how much the remaining cash payment will be, so that you know how much to bring to cover all remaining extras.
  • Your 3 payments consisting of 1. yoga training fee, 2. room & board fee, and 3. workshop fees will then match the calculated price as listed as "total retreat price" on our website. 
  • not included: flights, travel to location, rental car, insurance
  • Ocean and Yoga is not a travel agancy nor a yoga retreat center and doesn't sell any complete travel packages. All retreats as listed are programs created by skillfull yoga teachers weaving their own teachings with other offerings and activities and offering their work at our location of choice. 


  • cancelations 1: the deposit fee to reserve your spot in the program is fully refundable if Ocean & Yoga has to cancel the retreat and is partially refundable (50%) if law in your country of origin prevents you from traveling or if your airline cancels your flight. 
  • cancelations 2: the second deposit to the retreat location is partly refundable (respective meal portion of the fee) until the day of retreat start date.  


  • you are responsible to arrange and book your own travel to Aljezur. Closest airports are: Lisbon (3hrs) and Faro (1.5hrs). Check out the how to get here page for further instructions.
  • public transport to Aljezur is possible from both Faro and Lisbon.
  • we recommend that you book a rental car to be flexible during your stay. However, we can help you with a pick up service from Faro or Lagos. Please inquire for pricing.


  • single or double room choice is based on availability and surcharges apply for single rooms. Discounts may be available for the cabin (if shared by 3), or the mezzanine (if shared by 2). Please check on details page of each individual retreat.
  • early arrivals/extra nights aren't possible unless specifically listed
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