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"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!


When I arrived at the farm Olho Branco, I was totally exhausted from my new job and everything I wanted was some peace and freedom. After one night sleep I felt at home and my mind calmed down. Jana and Terra were wonderful, warm-hearted and wise teachers, who made this retreat to a kind of lifejourney. I learnt so much about myself, and I am so thankful to meet all this wonderful people from all over Europe on the farm, who shared this experience with me. Thanks so much also to Eva, Fernando and Max for their kindness and delicious food. I left this magical place with a lot of new energy, inspiration, motivation and so much love in my heart. I hope I can share all my new ideas with people at home. 


And dont forget to breathe! Amor, amor, ..." 


- Isabelle Defort, Germany 


"I enjoyed every second of the Surf and Yoga Retreat. After just two days of Jana's great yoga sessions, of Max and Fernando's delicious cooking and of fun surf lessons I was walking around the beautiful premises at Olho Branco in a state of bliss. This week nourished me deeply and left me repleted and relaxed. Alice""


- Alice Altissimo, Hildesheim, Germany


"I am not so much of a retreat person but Ocean & Yoga was one great decision, the place, the nature, the beautiful people, the beautiful beaches, Jana is so kind in her teachings, is a pure love experience. The family that owns the farm is so welcoming and the food is delicious!  

 I was lucky to be part of the leadership retreat which was also hosted by Bristol, and that was all what my soul needed. I am happy i took that chance, and whoever is reading, if you feel this calling, trust your intuition and go there! "

- Karina Korenblum, Prague, Czech Republic


"The time in Olho Branco was one of the most enriching times in my life. Whenever I'm all wound up in the daily routine and want to find some peace of mind, I get out my Ocean & Yoga journal and think back to all the beautiful moments and inspirational practices I learnt there.

I do my own "Yes to Life" sigh, imagine myself singing mantras and dancing on the yoga deck with the warming sun on my face, savoring the wonderful dishes, enjoying sound bowl massage or listening to the sound of the ocean. In moments of meditation, asana practice or just outside somewhere in the woods, I recall thoughts and feelings I had during the retreat and try to remind myself of my true nature. I'm so grateful that the waves of life have taken me to this magical place with these wonderful people and I'm hoping to give back some love and gratefulness when I come back. Thank you Jana, Eva and Fernando for passing on your wisdom and love! Amor, amor, amor..."


- Inga Beeck, Stuttgart, Germany


"Spending a week with Jana and family at Olho Branco is a treat to yourself - the kind that keeps on giving! On a typical day we would sleep-walk right to the yoga mat and truly wake up together with activating pranayamas and poses. When we'd return to the house, the most healthy and mouthwatering brunch was waiting for us, to give us the energy we needed for the surf day ahead. I was a complete beginner to surfing, but within a few days I learned to stand up and ride a wave thanks to the great teachers who really understand the great ocean. In the evenings we would restore our tired bodies with relaxing yoga. At dinner, we would have lovely conversations while munching on deliciously prepared veggies from the garden. This is a special retreat with lots of extras like learning about herbal remedies and the oceans, experiencing the power of sound healing and enjoying a bonfire celebration at the beach. And believe me, you will find so much relaxation, exploration, insight and progress there!"


- Sophia Lee-Bensch, Amsterdam, Netherlands


"By now three years ago, i stumbled over an article describing Jana's surfing skills and the very special place she has created together with Fernando on his farm. Out of instinct I didn't hesitate and spend my first retreat with Jana. I loved the place, the area, the mood on the farm and the friendliness so much that I came back the next year again. Jana's yoga lessons are always refreshing and empowering and have just that little spark of uniqueness. Somehow whenever I come to Jana I don't know exactly what I’m looking for, but always find exactly what I need. And I definitely should mention the fantastic food you will have the pleasure to enjoy. All together you receive a full care package and I always feel like home."


- Aline Bayerle, Berlin, Germany



"Great retreat at a beautiful place with delicious food and friendly hosts and teacher."


- Sergio Correia, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

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European Yogi Nomads


Jana Toepfer, founder of Ocean & Yoga, is also founder of the traveling yoga community European Yogi Nomads. Make new friends! Explore new places! Expand your yoga! Find out more about this project on the EYN website.

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