Ocean & Yoga Retreats in Portugal Algarve
Ocean & Yoga Retreats in Portugal Algarve

Yoga, Surfing & Leadership retreat                               

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a self-transformative Easter Retreat

March 31 - April 6, 2018


with Jana & Max & guest teacher Bristol Baughan, life coach (Inner Astronauts, California)
focus: yoga, meditation, surfing, coaching
costs: 995EUR

accommodation: first come basis: single rooms, double rooms, triple-shared cabin

Strengthen your body and relax your mind with Ocean & Yoga‘s yoga & meditation program and cultivate your leadership skills with coaching tools from Bristol’s Inner Astronaut‘s Leadership Program. Connect with your clarity so you can lead your life with creativity and vitality. You will explore how to lead a life of play and purpose. You will experience how it feels to be surfing the waves of the ocean in Portugal and connect deeply with nature.


WATCH OUR VIDEO to find out more about guest teacher Bristol Baughan's coaching work!!!

A Yoga, Surfing & Leadership Coaching Retreat in Portugal - a life changing experience.

Why we offer this retreat.


The game as it has been played is no longer sustainable on our bodies, souls, and planet. Change is happening at a pace never before seen in all of human history and conscious embodied leaders are being called into service around the world.


What does leadership mean to you?


Leadership is now about discovering who you truly are, why you are here, and taking action from your inherent wholeness. 

Leadership is about how you lead your own life from a place of self-responsibility and aligned action and to know how to move through resistance that stands between you and living your vision.


Join us!


For a week of wholistic coaching for mind, body, and spirit. Together we will discover your unique definition of leadership and cultivate proven skills for how to embody it with courage and play. In an intimate, beautiful setting, we will share our favorite transformative practices from ancient and modern traditions of Spiritual Psychology, Meditation, Tantra, Yoga, and Surfing.  

The Inner Astronaut Leadership Coaching Program


On this retreat you will:

  • cultivate your own authentic style of leadership and clarify your vision
  • learn self-inquiry skills to connect with your inner wisdom and purpose
  • create a solid, spiritual practice so you can bring fresh creativity and vitality to your work (and avoid burnout)
  • practice skills to move through resistance and fear that increase confidence, agency, and action
  • strengthen your body and focus your mind with Ocean & Yoga's Yoga & Meditation Program
  • learn to surf and how to cultivate states of flow with expert, local surf instructors
  • have time to be alone in nature



The combination of coaching, yoga and surfing


With our yoga and meditation program, you will learn how to expand your body awareness and release mental or emotional patterns that have gotten stuck on a physical level. No matter if you have never practiced yoga before or if you have been practicing for years, you will understand a healthy anatomical alignment in more depth and feel more spacious in your body and mind.

The yoga sessions will  not only gear you up for the surfing days and the encounter with the power of the ocean, they will also prepare you and fuse with the coaching sessions for a tangible development.


At the end of this retreat you will not only embody true leadership skills, you will also walk away with a new, vital perspective on life.

This retreat is a unique opportunity to get one-on-one life and business coaching from an Award-Winning Filmmaker and Executive Coach, Bristol Baughan.

Watch her latest TEDxTalk here or listen to her podcast here


Bristol's invitation to enter a journey of self-transformation


"Are you looking for deep transformation and clarity around your purpose? If you are ready to stop playing the old game of stress and hard work and wish to learn how to re-design the game of life itself, welcome. This retreat is designed to step into a deeper level of authentic leadership and spiritual fulfillment. 


I typically work with corporate executives, thought leaders, community builders and entrepreneurs to design a work and life game where you can thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Together, we cultivate a life filled with purpose, passion, and play."

Jana's invitation to drop into yoga and meditation


"Bristol and I are bringing together our favorite teachings from years of travel and study and delivering an enormously valuable and transformative experience in this week. Bring your courage for new perspectives, bring your curiosity, your questions, your troubles. There's space for all of it here. Let's bring it to the surface.


And be sure that we will balance your commitment for self-development with extra nourishing activities and beach time, with some extra relaxing yin-yoga sessions, breath work and easy meditations that you can take home for an everyday practice. We serve super healthy and local food and make sure that we get loads of time in nature and take ocean walks to let the practices sink in.  And of course, we'll have a campfire, enjoy a soundjourney and all the deliciousness of a typical Ocean & Yoga retreat.


Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover who you really are and why you are here. We look forward to seeing you for this special retreat!"


A typical Yoga, Surfing & Leadership Coaching Retreat Day

we switch between "coaching & yoga" and "yoga & surf" days


coaching & yoga day

8:00 wake up, herbal tea, light snack

8:30 Morning Pranayama, Asana & Meditation

10:00 healthy breakfast

11:00 Inner Astronauts Coaching workshop

13:00 light lunch

14:00 personal time

17:00 Inner Astronauts Coaching Workshop & Yoga

19:30 homemade dinner


yoga & surf day

8:00 wake up, herbal tea, light snack

8:30 Morning Pranayama, Asana & Meditation

10:00 healthy breakfast

11:00 Surf Day & picnic at the beach

17:30 Yoga Relax & Inner Astronaut Coaching Workshop

19:30 homemade dinner


This Yoga, Surfing & Leadership Coaching Retreat includes

  • 6 nights on an organic farm in double or single room (farmhouse, shared bathroom) or triple space (cabin) at the Algarve in Portugal
  • daily yoga, meditations and/or pranayama (3-4hrs per day)
  • daily Inner Astronauts Coaching sessions and exercises (2-4hrs per day)
  • surfing lessons (with expert, local surf instructors, including equipment, 2 days)  
  • guided meditations in beautiful nature
  • ocean guiding session
  • soundjourney
  • daily health food breakfast or big brunch
  • choice of healthy lunch pack
  • daily homemade dinner
  • camp fire
  • other surprises


available on request

  • therapeutic/private yoga sessions
  • massages and body work
  • herbal workshop & organic gardening knowledge



watch and hear more information from the teachers on our leadership, yoga and surf program

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