Ocean & Yoga Retreats in Portugal Algarve
Ocean & Yoga Retreats in Portugal Algarve

Panchakarma Detox Retreat in Portugal 2018           

an Ayurveda & Yoga Spring Retreat

April 7 - 13, 2018


with Jana & guest teacher Dr. med Farnaz Fahimi, (Ayurveda physician, Naturheilklinik am Wannsee)

focus: detox, yin-yoga, meditation, Ayurveda treatments & nutrition
costs: 1.425EUR

accommodation: single rooms - - FULLY BOOKED - -


offer for locals or off-campus attendees: 995EUR (book your own accommodation and join us for the full program. We can recommend places close by. Might be nice to stay a few days longer to relax after the treatment)

A perfect retreat to clean up body & mind with a fully integrated Panchakarma cleanse (traditional Ayurvedic Detox Program). Relax your body with yin-yoga & calm your mind with guided meditations and walks. Receive your daily Ayurveda oil massages during the 3 Panchakarma days. Week also includes a day of fasting and purging and a day with a restorative program and personal follow-up plan for back home. The full retreat is individualized and supervised by Ayurvedic physician, Farnaz.


a typical Panchakarma Detox Retreat Day

(inner & outer oiling & basic foods)

7:30 wake up & personal Ghee drink
8 - 9:30 Morning yin-yoga, pranayama & meditation
9:30 breakfast
11:00 – 13:30 Individual manual therapies (oil massages)
13:30 lunch
15:30 – 18:00 guided beach walk & meditations
18:30 ghee drinks & dinner



find out more about Ayurveda & treatments during a Panchakarma cleanse.

this Panchakarma Detox & yoga retreat includes


- pre-retreat check-up via email
- personal constitution analysis
- abyanga (manual therapy)
- natural sauna
- mediation workshop
- relaxation/breath techniques
- guided beach walks

- soundjourney / Musiktherapie
- journaling
- daily ayurvedic oil massages on 3 days (kalari massages)
- twice daily ghee oiling on 3 days (inner oiling)

- guided fasting/purging day

What is a Panchkarma Detox Cleanse?

Read about Jana's personal experience with Panchakarma in her latest newsletter!


A panchakarma cleanse is thorough clear-out on a physical and mental level. Intense but worth it!

Even though daily oil massages, healthy food and manual therapy sound quite relaxing, the cleanse is intense for body an mind.


That's why we support this traditional cleanse with gentle yin yoga, breathing and meditation exercises, guided walks by the cliffs and sound healings - so that it may be a week of deep surrender, relaxation and recharge.


This week long Panchakarma cleanse consists of 3 intensive Panchakarma days, 1 purging/fasting day, and 1 Restore-Day. On arrival day, we prepare and you receive all the info needed, and on departure day, we greet our newborn selves with a sweet morning yoga practice.

Why a Panchakarma Detox Cleanse?

Bring your whole body into balance with an Ayurvedic Panchakarma Cleanse!


"Contrary to conventional Western medicine, Ayurveda makes the holistic health of the entire body the center of its versatile healing system.

The treatments in the Panchakarma Detox Cleanse detoxify and strengthen the body. With medicated herbal body oil applications and the careful selection of foods and herbs, the waste products are pulled and discharged from the body.


The use of Panchakarma has been proven to be useful over generations and generations as well as the treatment of conditions such as skin diseases, joint disorders, neurovegetative disorders (e.g., sleep disorders, burn out). An individual constitution-appropriate consultation is the basis for the regenerative re-structure-plan."


(Dr. Farnaz Fahimi, Ayurveda physician, Naturheilklinik am Wannsee)


"Before moving to Portugal, I traveled through India for a couple of months, of which I spent 2 weeks in a traditional panchakarma treatment. What sounded like a perfect time to relax with daily massages, plenty of nap time and rest turned out to be a great challenge and profoundly penetrating time for me


The treatments during a Panchakarma Detox are designed to eliminate toxins from the body that we didn't even know we're holding in our system. By bringing them from the deeply stored places in our body back into the central system we can then purge, bringing the body back to balance (doshas in harmony). We don't have a problem when everything is in flow (in constant change), we start having (health) problems, when things become stuck. Following this understanding, Panchakarma brings the body back into a harmonius flow on a physical level that -of course- corresponds to the mental and emotional level.

While Farnaz will supervise medical conditions and individual treatment plans, I will support you on this cleanse to deal with upcoming emotions and provide gentle yin yoga, take you on walks by the stunning cliffs, guide meditations and breath work (pranayama) and share tools for vision-finding."


with love, Jana

founder, Ocean & Yoga

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