Into The Wild!

A Yoga & Nature retreat to return to Source

October 6 - 12, 2018


with Jana & guest teacher Annie Malecki, wilderness trainer, Systemic Constellation Work & Coach (Austria)
focus: yoga, meditation, surfing, coaching
costs: 995EUR

accommodation: single rooms (surcharge 45EUR/week), double rooms,

triple-shared cabin (reduction 30EUR off retreat price)


Get yourself out into nature! Relax deeply with a blend of daily yoga, breath work & guided meditations. Learn the art of re-sourcing, Constellation Work, nature-based awareness exercises & wilderness core routines. Access tools to activate, listen and trust your instincts and receive soul-infused insights about your unique way of contributing to the whole, creating joy and wellbeing. Enjoy a relaxing and insightful week in nature.

what a yoga & nature retreat looks like


Live on an organic farm for a week & reconnect to Source!

Spend most of your day outside on guided walks to our most favorite spots in the beautiful Costa Vicentina reserve and learn how to connect with your soul through the connection with nature. Learn how to go inwards with a profound meditation practice and learn how to go outwards in a joyful, authentic and playful way.

Enjoy delicious, healthy, homemade food and daily yoga and breath work sessions on the outdoor yoga deck.


Let's get down to earth & rediscover joy in simplicity and authenticity!

Nature can be your guide, even if you live a city life!



What you will explore during our Yoga and Nature Retreat

  • guided walks exploring wilderness exercises
  • your own silent walks and personal reflection time
  • sense-opening meditations at beautiful spots by the cliffs
  • pure play time (imagine playing again like a child)
  • get your hands dirty in our "feeling-elements" and "creative arts & crafts" workshops
  • soul discovery workshops and self-designed ritual
  • daily yoga sessions
  • sunrise meditations
  • daily pranayama/breathwork
  • sleeping one night under the stars after a special sound journey
  • native American ritual: sweat lodge (temascal)
  • beach- or cliffside picnics
  • how to work with the four directions
  • campfire, music, great company & conversations

A typical day during our Yoga and Nature Retreat


7:00 wake up, light snack, herbal tea, coffee

7:30 sunrise meditation

8:00 Pranayama & Hatha Yoga

10:00 healthy, homemade breakfast

11:00 personal time

13:00 lunch snack

14:00 afternoon nature & soul discovery workshops (excursions into natural reserve of Costa Vicentina) or creativity workshops

19:00 healthy, homemade dinner

20:00 evening specials (soundhealing, yin yoga, sleeping under the stars, campfires, sweat lodge)



Annie's invitation to the Yoga & Nature Retreat


My invitation is to come together in a spirit of innocence and curiosity to this planet of interconnection and wonder.

It is a time to fill up with the magnificence of the ocean and the silence of a starfilled night, time to stretch our wings and expand into the beauty of the land, to deepen the connection with our own wild, untamed nature.

From a place of fullness we take a fresh look at ourselves and the world. What nourishes us, where do we gather resources and strength ? Can we hear the whisper of our inner guidance ? What wants to bloom and blossom in us when we listen to the call of our heart ?

Weaving together inspiring experiences with fun and creativity and exploring practical tools to take home, we establish a deeper understanding of our unique gifts and their natural expression in our life and the world.

Jana's invitation to the Yoga & Nature Retreat


What are the forces of nature? For example, how do you deal with gravity? Are you trusting into the grounding force in your practice? Which things in your life do you give gravity to and is this in align with your intention?
How does it feel to be more simple? To be less crowded in mind and energy field? How does it feel to taste a fresh, ripe fig straight from the tree? When was the last time that you actually went to bed when you felt tired?
Let’s bathe deeply in the ocean of our soul and experience the dance of life fully!

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