Open Yoga classes in Aljezur, Portugal & special Yoga events  

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open yoga classes in Aljezur


UPDATE: weekly classes on break!

The weekly, open classes are currently on break & will continue in August/September 2020.


I will be traveling & teaching retreats and workshops in Northern Europe June-August. Please see special events listing of festivals, retreats and workshops below.

If you would like to organize/host a workshop with me,

please inquire. 


For special yoga events in Portugal, Aljezur, please also check the special events listings below as we will list spontaneous yoga workshops & movement labs, soundhealings, or other offerings here! 


Feel free to enquire about private (personal or group) yoga sessions!


 with love, Jana


Body Love Festival 2020

Barnin (between Berlin & Hamburg)

July 23 - 28

Movement & Sound. A simply relaxing journey to Source.


We are one. We are nature. Our precious bodies are nature. And the experience of our bodies reminds us of our wholeness. In this sound & movement journey, I will guide us through a relaxing, meditative movement practice to let go of any tension in the body and to connect with our inner current. Let's move in integrity with the laws of nature.
Connect with the pulse & rhythm of life through breath and gentle movement explorations, accompanied to sweet sounds of live music. We will explore movement & breath principles from the school of Body Mind Centering, Feldenkrais and Yoga.
Be prepared to move freely, to dance, to roll over the floor, to find space in your joints, to relax your muscles and skin and to soften your connective tissue. The movement explorations will finish with a guided meditation/dream journey and soundhealing.
This movement & relaxation journey offers a beautiful balance to integrate our wild dances and inspiring conversations of the festival, finding a moment to let it all land, to rest in our bones, in deep intimacy with our presence and wholeness. 

European Yogi Nomads event in London


in support of the OMPowerment Project

Make new friends! Explore new places! Expand your yoga!

weekend of June 5-7, 2020

Jana will be teaching the welcome session together with Mei Lai Swan

June 5, 7-9PM


The European Yogi Nomads are a group of yogis who come together in different European cities united by their love of yoga and community. Each event takes place during a weekend with different practices aiming at establishing connection and well-being - all levels are welcome. Classes are co-taught by two teachers, and we try to connect local couch surfing options to sustain this community-building spirit. 

You can learn more about the event and each teacher in their dedicated sections.

For our 17th gathering, we are thrilled to come back to London and to what is important - building bridges, not borders. With that in mind, we are also teaming up with the OmPowerment Project and are donating our proceeds to this amazing project that is empowering refugees to lead each other through trauma-informed yoga.



Vinha Velha, Portugal

February 23 - 29, 2020


a week long retreat to explore Love, Sex, Intimacy & Relationship

Jana will be co-creating this event & offering yoga & body journeys here.


This edition is for friends & friends of friends only. Further editions for autumn/winter 2020 in progress!!





Cacao, Movement & Sound Journey

with Pedro Collares & Jana Toepfer

Tuesday, November 12 18:00 - 20:30

(this event takes place instead of weekly Gentle Flow class today!)


Join us for a special evening of yoga, cacao & sound!
Pedro Collares and Jana Toepfer are guiding this journey of breath inspired, gentle movement, heart connection, meditation and live music.


all levels welcome!

contribution: 20EUR


(maximum capacity of 14 people)

PLEASE show up 15min before start of class

to register and settle in. 


Yoga mats and props available at location. 



Ocean & Yoga Gathering Berlin - a dive into heart, body & water

21. November 2019 // 18:30 - 22:00


Die portugiesische Meeresbrise und die magische Stimmung, die wir in dieser Saison wieder auf unserem Yogadeck kreiert haben, kommt diesen Winter für einen entspannenden Abend zu euch nach Berlin. Seid dabei im wunderschönen Salon des UHU, Berlin Treptow und geniesst sanftes Yoga, eine tiefe Meeresmeditation und eine anschliessende Soundjourney. Eingeladen sind alle, die schon eimal auf einem Retreat dabei waren, all die, die neugierig sind, in Zukunft mal dabei zu sein, und natürlich alle, die die Liebe zu entspannter Bewegung, tiefem, ruhigen Atmen, Herzverbindung, sanfter Musik und die Liebe zum Meer teilen.


Book your private yoga session!


A yoga session designed just for you! 

Individually guided and themed sessions 

Pick from the following selection!

- Yoga for Beginners -

One hour of accessible postures and detailed guiding. 

Includes introduction how to use breath during practice.

Makes you feel relaxed and radiant!

80EUR for 75minutes (for individuals or groups up to 5 people)


- Introduction to Pranayama & Meditation -

Do you think that meditation means "having to sit still" and that doesn't sound appealing? Maybe your're ready to try a practicable approach that will make you feel well-centered, calm and happy.

80EUR for 75minutes (for individuals or groups up to 5 people)

- Restorative Yoga for surfers - 

Feeling stiff after many hours of surfing? Don't feel like doing

challenging postures after a long day? Then this class is for you.

Reset your body in a smooth way.

80EUR for 75minutes (for individuals or groups up to 5 people)


- Advanced Asana training - 

this class is for yogis, who

...have a regular practice and want to continue while on vacation. 

...are curious to explore particular postures in detail

...want to rock out

80EUR for 75minutes (for individuals or groups up to 5 people)


Pricing for individuals or groups up to 5 people.

Locations: Yoga deck in Alfambras or your holiday home or at the beach.

For larger group sizes possible - please inquire for pricing.

To book your appointment, call Jana or send her an email.


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