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private yoga retreats Portugal, private yoga classes Aljezur, yoga classes Aljezur, body therapy Aljezur, high quality yoga retreat Portugal, family friendly yoga retreats,  nature yoga retreats Portugal, embodied yoga practice Portugal, Body Mind Centering Portugal, Jana Toepfer, ocean and yoga

Ocean & Yoga Retreats in Portugal

journeys of reconnection by the ocean - with Eduardo, Jana, Olga & Fernando

calendar 2022


May 1 - 7
June 19 - 25
July 3 - 9
August 14 - 20
September 11 - 17
October 9 - 15


focus: yoga & meditation, somatic movement, nature connection & ocean excursions, conscious eating, soundhealing

optional: transformative body work, surfing



in double room: 995EUR

in single room: 1095EUR 

tent spots (own equipment): 845EUR 

tent spots (rented equipment): 895EUR


what does an Ocean & Yoga Retreat look like?


Live with us on an organic farm for a week. Start your day with ameditation practice, returning to your inner silence, on a beautiful yoga deck overlooking the native forest. Spend the morning in silence, enjoying a healthy organic breakfast and prepare for a transformativeyoga or somatic movement session. Classes are suitable for any level and our aim is to create a safe space for you to drop inside, find your inner strength and reconnect to the vital flow within you. 


After our morning session you will be served a healthy superpower lunch cooked with love, with most ingredients coming from our garden...

In the afternoon, you have time to relax, go for a walk, or book a massage or transformative body work session ...


During our week together, we'll go on an ocean exploration to learn how to see and feel currents, how to hold your breath and dive, float along the river stream, catch waves on a surfboard, or other floating devices or with your whole body. We'll also walk around the cliffs and learn how to open your senses and study the laws of the ocean.

Our team will guide you through a journey to reawaken your sense of wonder and joy for the world you live in. You have the opportunity to connect to nature, listen to its guidance and rediscover the deep connection you have with all beings.


On some days, we'll have an addistional yin yoga session in the afternoon that will allow our bodies to soften and dive into the present moment. On one evening we enjoy a special sound journey under the stars. 


Our dinner is served on the terrace overlooking the sunset and sharing life stories and inspiring conversation with people from all over the world. 


The aim of our programs is to lead a life of inner connection, responsibility and freedom - and to drop the unnecessary stories that we have written about ourselves. Through our time together you will have access to tools that can support you to reawaken your deepest truth and let go of what doesn't serve you anymore.


During our week together you will experience the supporting structure of community: we will share a house, eat meals together, laugh, dance, play and share stories and songs around the campfire. You will learn about right relationship with all beings, human and non-human.

a typical Ocean & Yoga Retreat day


well, what's a typcial day ... we flow with the tides and weather and mood. However, this description describes an idea of how the retreat days with us will usually shape up...


7:30 Morning Meditation & Pranayama

8:30 Healthy, homemade breakfast in silence enjoying the morning sun

10:00 – 12:30 Yoga & Somatic Movement Workshop on the yoga deck

13:00 Healthy, homemade delicious lunch 

14:00 – 16:00 Chill out time & individual body work sessions

16:00 – 18:30 Ocean Excursions & Nature Reconnection Workshops, or Yoga Relax sessions & soundjourney

19:00 Healthy, homemade dinner & evening specials such as campfires or beach picnics

your Ocean & Yoga team of teachers, guides, chefs...


Eduardo Terzidis

yoga teacher & guide, ocean excursions



...more info coming soon...




Jana Toepfer

somatic movement sessions & transformative body work



...more info coming soon...




Olga Sadowski

plant-based cooking & conscious eating, activist




​...more info coming soon...






Fernando Neves

organic farm owner, host & chef




​...more info coming soon...





our Ocean & Yoga retreat location, Aljezur, Costa Vicentina

ocean and yoga retreat cozy accommodation & room options

single rooms


Depending on the season, we have 2-3 single rooms available. If you prefer to have your own four walls for a bit more luxury and privacy, please check availability when you sign up. Please note that a surcharge of 100EUR-130EUR/per retreat applies for this extra comfort (depending on retreat).

double rooms


Most of our rooms are double rooms with two individual and separate beds for single travelers to be teamed up with a roommate - or friends traveling together. We can also supply this room with a big double bed for couples traveling together. Just tell us your preference when you sign up. Some double rooms have an ensuite bathroom, others shared bathrooms.



For a literal "down-to-earth" experience and to create a discounted price option, we offer 2-4 tent spots per retreat. You can bring your own gear and we'll find a good spot for you depending on the season in the shade by the river, or on the upper level with beautiful sunrises. You can also rent a tent and equipment (camping mattress, sleeping bag or duvet and pillow) from us. .


...more pictures comin soon...!

mezzanine (only available for summer retreats)


The mezzanine is located above the living room in Casa Nascer do Sol and can be a private room for one person, or shared between two. (two separate beds on opposite sides of the room, both people have plenty of private area).

Since it is just as cozy but not as quiet as the other rooms, we offer a small reduction of 40EUR-50EUR/ per retreat if the mezzanine is shared between 2 guests (depending on retreat). 

wooden cabin (not available for summer retreats)


The all-naturally built wooden cabin is set by the edge of the property, just below the yoga deck. It can be a single or shared accommodation for 1-3 people.

Jana personally feels this is the coziest accommodation offered, but since the eco-bathroom (separate building next door) has a dry compost toilet and only warm water for showers during the day (you may use the shower in the main house for hot showers at night, though!) we also offer a small reduction of 50EUR off the retreat price if shared between 3 people. 

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