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private yoga retreats Portugal, private yoga classes Aljezur, yoga classes Aljezur, body therapy Aljezur, high quality yoga retreat Portugal, family friendly yoga retreats,  nature yoga retreats Portugal, embodied yoga practice Portugal, Body Mind Centering Portugal, Jana Toepfer, ocean and yoga

Mountain Yoga Retreats in Monchique, Algarve, Portugal


Silence, Yoga & Somatic Movement, Meditation,

Plant-Based-Food, Nature Reconnection, Transformation & High Vibrations 


guided by Jana Toepfer 

plant-based-food creations by Olga Sadowski

soundscapes by Pedro Collares


May 23 - 29 almost full! only glamping caravan & dorm tent available
August 22 - 28 
September 5 - 11


retreat pricing

single room: 1095EUR 

double room: 995EUR

glamping caravan, double: 995EUR 

glamping tent/dorm, 4 beds: 895EUR 

camping: please enquire

price includes one-on-one session of Transformative Bodywork or Family Constellation


Join us for a deep journey into your own heart and access your love and power. Together, we go into 4 days of silence. This experience is held with guided meditations, yoga & somatic movement practices with live soundscapes & you receive a one-on-one personal session to support this journey of inner silence (Transformative Body Work or Family Constellation). We then break the silence with a sweatlodge and share our insights, open our voices and set the ground to bring your insights into action and expression. We share our stories by the fire, we dance, sing and pray together and enjoy life on the mountain.

our new silence & high vibration Yoga Retreats in Portugal

During our retreat, we explore the power of silence together
Stop the constant flow of input. Take a breath. No need to respond to anything. Pure attention to what is moving inside of you, in your body, which holds all the guidance to walk your life in integrity, aligned action and peace.
Embark on an inner journey!
Calm your nervous system & mind!
Experience the sense of wonder!

Being in a GOOD RELATIONSHIP with ourselves allows us to be in GOOD RELATIONSHIP with the world.


Our daily yoga and meditation retreat program


Start the day with an early guided meditation on the mountain top and enjoy a healthy breakfast overlooking the mountains and listening to the birds.

We then meet in the spacious dome for a gentle yoga & somatic movement session guided by Jana accompanied by live music/soundscapes by Pedro so that you can dive and relax fully ino the sensations of your body and the sounds of surrounding nature.


For lunch, we nourish ourselves with delicious plant-based, local food created by Olga. Later, when we break the silence, we will learn from her how this way of eating and cooking makes you an activist for living in harmony with the earth.


In the afternoon & evening, you have time to do nothing. To simply be and spend time with yourself. You can go for walks through the mountains, listen, meditate, journal, reflect, restore and rediscover that every day is a gift.

Personal Guidance & Support during our Silence Retreat 
You will be fully supported on this journey into your body and into your Heart by Jana and team and receive a personal one-on-one session (Transformative Bodywork with Jana or Family Constellation with Julyana) to work with inner conflict, resistance, physical or emotional tension.
With Transformative Bodywork, you can work with Jana on limiting patterns and behaviors (physical, emotional, mental) and learn to stop subscribing to channels of your mind that don’t support your heart’s calling. No more suffering. 
What are unconscious thought and behavior patterns? Where do we get stuck in life? Let's listen to your body and find out how to reprogram the power of mind wisely in accordance with our hearts.
If you choose the Family Constellation as your individual session: With Julyana, you can discover new persepctives about yourself and your relationships and receive support to release old beliefs or behaviors.
Break the Silence. Sweatlodge & Living in High Vibration 
After 4 days of our silence retreat in the Algarve, we meet for a sweatlodge ritual to retrieve our power of voice. We meet with the fire, we purify, and we start sharing our insights and prayers. 
Olga will prepare a special celebration dinner which we will share by the fire as we regather our word and melt into the heart of community/human family.
And then we have another full day together enjoying the life on top of the mountains. We continue with our yoga and movement practice and tune up the vibration level to an ecstatic dance or trance dance session. In the afternoon, we have the honour of welcoming top Portuguese singers Mariana Root or Ana Tippi for a voice opening workshop, exploring and bringing our voices together and into song. And then we just won't stop the celebration of life. We turn into the evening and night with a special celebration dinner and a concert/kirtan under the stars. 

our silence & high vibration - yoga retreat program in the mountains of Portugal, Algarve

day 1: arriving & landing

15:00 arrival, check in and settling into your space 

17:00 meeting by the fire (depending on season), welcome and opening round

20:00/21:00 homemade dinner


day 2-5: days in silence

7:00 hike to the top of the mountain & guided morning sunrise meditation 

8:00 homemade delicious breakfast 

10:00 - 12:00 yoga, somatic movement & live sound session in the dome

13:00 homemade nutritious lunch

14:30 - 18:30 time for yourself, walking, journaling, meditating... AND individual therapies (Bodywork, Constellation Work or others)

19:00 homemade, light dinner


at the end of day 5: sweatlodge/fire ritual to break the silence

day 6: high vibration day


7:00 hike to the top of the mountain & guided morning sunrise meditation 

8:00 homemade delicious breakfast 

10:00 - 12:00 yoga, movement & ecstatic dance/trance dance

13:00 homemade nutritious lunch

16:00 - 18:00 voice opening, music & other reconnection workshops  

19:00 homemade, light dinner

20:00 concert, singing & music circle 


day 7: get ready for your journey


7:00 hike to the top of the mountain & guided morning sunrise meditation 

8:00 homemade delicious breakfast 

10:00 yoga, movement & closing circle

13:00 lunch & departures 


our new boutique yoga retreat location in Monchique, Portugal

We are excited to welcome you in our new beautiful Ocean & Yoga retreat boutique location "Wild Oasis" on the mountain top of Monchique, Algarve.



Wild Oasis is located a 40min drive from the coast of Aljezur, in pristine forrests and springs of clear water. Accommodation will be in cozy single rooms with ensuite bathroom, a double glamping caravan, or in a dorm glamping tents, tipis and community tipis - or you can bring your own camping gear or campervan.


We also hve on the property a beautiful dome overlooking the mountains to practice yoga and dance, we have a sauna and a sweatlodge, a beautiful dining room and  terraces to eat and chill, a cork oak forrest and hiking trails into the mountains of Monchique and amazing hosts and team to care for us and host us here!




my inspiration for a silent yoga retreat in Monchique, Portugal

a yoga & meditation retreat to support your journey of self-discovery, empowerment and healing. To live and enjoy a good live in harmony with nature and all our relations.

What happens when we stop the continous input of news, tasks, and communication?


I have been dreaming of creating a yoga and meditatio retreat in Portugal, that honors the true meaning of "retreat". To go inside. To give us a chance to be in the richness of silence, our true peaceful state, to deeply nourish there and learn more about ourselves instead of constantly avoiding through business and things to achieve.


Instead of a pure meditation & silence retreat, I want to create a somatic meditation retreat. To be in the richness of the body and give the mind a break. Have the opportunity to move the body, feel the sound of live music in the blood, feel the connection to earth deep in the bones.

It is my prayer to turn our unique discoveries into a state of high vibration, action and expression, in the heart of our life, our family, our community. To be better humans. To say yes to life.

Discover what has fallen out of balance & restore our well-being!


I invite you to join this journey with all my heart.

with love,


what's included in our silence & high vibration yoga retreat in the Algarve

- 6 nights in single room, double room, glamping caravan, glamping dorm tent, or camping (bring your own or rent equipment) at Wild Oasis boutique yoga retreat in the mountains of Monchique, Algarve, Portugal

- daily homemade meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

- daily guided morning mountain sunrise meditation

- daily yoga & somatic movement sessions (approx 2hrs) with live music 

- voice opening workshop

- singing circle or kirtan or concert

- personal therapeutic healing session (Transformative Bodywork or Family Constellation, approx. 1-1.5hrs)

- Family Constellation introduction

- Plant-Based-Food wisdom & activism

- guidance & support in your practice & process by the teachers

- camp fires if possible


- additional Transformative Body Work or Family Constellation sessions

- aura readings & massages

pictures of our Yoga & Meditation Retreat location in Portugal, Monchique, Algarve 

our team Yoga & Meditation Mountain Retreats in Portugal

Retreat guide, Yoga and Somatic movement teacher & Transformative Bodywork: Jana Toepfer

Family Constellation & psychologial support: Julyana C. de Galietti

Plant-based chef & inner alchemy food activist: Olga Sadowski

Musicians (movement & soundjourneys, singing circles, music & voice opening workshops): Pedro Collares, Ana Tippi, Mariana Root


further information on our team and bios here!

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