Ocean & Yoga Retreats in Portugal Algarve
Ocean & Yoga Retreats in Portugal Algarve

read about Jana's path to and with yoga

Jana is a hatha yoga teacher who has experienced yoga from childhood on and who started teaching spiritual awareness workshops along with her parents from the age of 17. She has completed her teacher trainings in the style of Anusara Yoga. 

Over the years of teaching she has developed a unique voice that encourages the students to feel worthy and to be curious about diving deeper into their awareness.


Having grown up with yoga and practicing on extensive travels in South East Asia and India, Jana became even more actively involved with yoga studies when she lived in LA (2003 – 2006) when she experimented with other forms of being in this world and had a career in the film finance business.  Here, she discovered Anusara Yoga as a very powerful practice both physically and spiritually at City Yoga LA and Vira Yoga NYC.

Upon her return to Berlin (2006) where she continued to run a European division in international film rights and production, she began her studies at City Yoga Berlin. She completed her Anusara Yoga Teacher Trainings with Anusara teachers Ross Rayburn and Chris Chavez in Amsterdam and Vancouver in 2010.

Anusara Yoga is a powerful hatha yoga system that combines the celebration of the heart with precise principles of body alignment. This combination allows to feel the ultimate experience of freedom in body, mind and heart – on and off the mat.

Jana has attended workshops around the globe with Anusara Yoga teachers John Friend, Ross Rayburn, Chris Chavez, Sianna Sherman, Noah Maze, Christina Sell, Amy Ippoliti, Steven Espinosa, Martin Kirk (yoga therapeutics) and has studied the philosophical background of yoga and meditation with Carlos Pomeda and Dr. Douglas Brooks.


In 2010,  Jana started teaching yoga at Pranamar Villas in Costa Rica and then continued to teach Yoga in various studios in Berlin (City Yoga, Yogatribe, Yoga Circle and Yoga Raum Berlin) and decided to now fully focus on the path of yoga: She folded her film company to create her new outfit Jnana – knowledge for projects. Under this umbrella she served as project manager and consultant for yoga-related projects such as YogaRaumOnline (an online yoga studio for YogaRaumBerlin, 2011-2012) and Ayurvedafinder.com (2012-2013), researching and collaborating with Ayurveda centers around the world for Earth.org. She also founded the project European Yogi Nomads (2011) which continues to be a traveling gathering for yogis from all over the world to celebrate community and yoga.

In 2012, Jana followed her inner vision during a meditation, which asked her to give up her city life and come to live in a more natural environment in Southern Portugal. She packed her bags and full-heartedly dove into this adventure of living more authentically than she ever had.


She learned surfing and deepened her meditation studies (Vipassana, Tantric meditation, studying the Vijnanana Bhairava and the works of Lorin Roche and Sally Kempton, developing personal ritual in nature and re-wilding programs studying the works of Bill Plotkins). She  started to build a yoga community in the town of Aljezur where she teaches weekly yoga and meditation classes. In 2013 she created this beloved project Ocean & Yoga - Yoga and Surf Retreats in Portugal. Jana loves co-creating and therefore invites co-teachers to design yoga programs together and co-teach these. She also involves local collaborators such as musicians (sound journeys) and herbal specialists (herbal workshops) and experienced surfers (ocean guiding).


She continues to cultivate her relationships with yoga teacher friends from around the world by serving as co-facilitator in teacher trainings such as the 2015 High Vibe 200hr Teacher Training in Bali, Ubud, and the 2016/2017 Yoga Buddhi 200hr Embodied Teacher Training in Gothenburg.  


“It is my dream to make yoga accessible to everyone who is interested in exploring more about themselves and this amazing journey that is our life. Wanting to share these powerful practices comes from a deep place in my heart and I am very grateful for having the opportunity to continue to be both a student and a teacher of yoga.”


Jana teaches fluently in both English and German language.



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