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Dear Ocean & Yoga lovers,

I founded Ocean & Yoga because I fell in love with this beautiful farm and the community here in Southern Portugal. My intention is to host retreats that allows for everyone participating to fully relax and find inspiratiom how to live more authentically and in respect with nature in our everyday lives.


I have been on the path of yoga for most of my life. Constantly learning and unlearning. Understanding only to understand a deeper layer once again…

What I share in my retreats is my passion for life.

For a life well lived, in full expression, honesty and integrity. 


I will share with you generously everything that I have found valuable on my own path. I just love working with and connecting deeply with my body which contains all of the information of our pure and adapted nature. So that’s what I am offering: a whole lot of movement! 


We’ll explore the natural anatomy of the breath, pain-free movement, meditation and deep relaxation exercises, healthy alignment principles respecting the laws of nature, our bodies and our sensations.


I draw from the traditions of traditional Hatha Yoga, Self Inquiry & Meditation, Body Mind Centering, Feldenkrais, and other healing arts. And of course from nature, songs and collective wisdom. 

with love, Jana    

                                                                                                                                                             read Jana's bio

get to know the team

Eva & Fernando, organic farm owners & facilitators of nature reconnection workshops


All retreats are hosted by the family of Eva and Fernando. They have two daughters and two cuddly dogs and some chicken and they focus on a simple and healthy lifestyle as close to nature as possible.

Fernando is the man in the garden and creates our delicious homemade, mostly organic dinners with the freshly harvested veggies from the garden. He is alos a passionate surfer and tree-planter.

Eva guides workshops on nature reconnection and about the healing remedies of plants and herbs growing here. 

They will share theirwisdom & home with you: a piece of paradise between mountain, ocean and sky...full of hidden valleys, rivers and stunning hills covered with Mediterranean forest and wildlife, breathtaking cliffs and ocean views, desert beaches with amazing waves and a wonderful community.

Max, our ocean guide & health food specialist

Our friends call him the "yoga foodie" because he just know exactly what a yogi craves during a yoga retreat. And as a passionate surfer, he knows what we need before heading out into the waves. He will amaze us with his smoothie and porridge creations for breakfast and just-perfect-surf-picnics.


During the yoga & surf retreats, Max will not only make sure that you get the most nutritious breakfast/brunch that you can wish for - but he will also be your ocean guide accompanying you during the surf course days. The more advanced surfers amongst you are also welcome to pick up some advice from him, and he will be sharing his never-ending knowledge and passion for the ocean in our beloved ocean guiding  nature reconnection workshop. Activate your senses & ask any questions that you have!


co-teacher of the retreats:

Classic Ocean & Yoga Summer Retreat  - an empowering nature reconnection week

3. - 9. August & 17. -23. August


“With trust and faith I walk my path, praying to my ancestors for remembering why I am here...”

Terra is an experienced yogi, dance and women’s circle facilitator, traveler, moon dancer, writer and a guardian of the forest and indigenous peoples project.

She often goes on immersions in Mexico and in the Amazon rainforest, where she has been blessed to study with elders from the forest, indigenous people, wisdom keepers, grandmothers about nature and its mysteries, plants and their healing properties. On the highest mountains of Himalayas in India, inspired by great teachers, she also learnt about the art of yoga, meditation, stillness and wellbeing.Terra believes and teaches that yoga is a path of life, a coherence between words, thoughts and actions. Yoga has taught her everyday to walk her talk, honor her existence, respect everything and everyone, be present, have a simple life and always be in gratitude. To always walk with humbleness, to ask permission, learn and teach about the beauty of life and the depth of our existence.


Terra is an authentic hatha yoga teacher, facilitator of indegenious, body, spirit, sound & water work, and shares her wisdom at Yoga events around the world (e.g. Yoga Conference Barcelona, Bali Spirit Festival, Boom/Being Gathering,...

find out more at Raiz do Ser

Terra & Pedro, Raiz do Ser, soundhealings

Teaming up with her partner Pedro, Terra will also be present at other Ocean & Yoga retreats throughout the season to guide us through a magical evening of sounds that will lead you into a deep meditation. All you have to do is lay down in svasana and enjoy the concert!


more on the work of Pedro Collares (and his tunes to listen to!!!!)

Astrid & Johannes, Vida Nascente, soundhealings

Offering a sweet combination of sound bowls and strings, Astrid and Johannes will guide us through some of Ocean & Yoga's sound journeys, creating a magical evening of sounds that will lead you into a deep meditation. All you have to do is lay down in svasana and enjoy the concert!



Algarve Adventure, surfing lessons

For the surfing lessons we team up with the local surf school Algarve Adventure with locations in Arrifana and Monte Clerigo. Their certified teachers Hugo, Nelson and team will make sure that you have fun and feel safe in the water and will share their vast ocean knowledge with you. We chose a team with surf teachers who know intuitivey when a little bit of pep talk is needed - or when to encourage you that it's absolutey fine to take a break ;) 


if you choose to to book extra surfing lessons or rent equipment on additional days 

you can visit them here:

get to know the guest teachers 2019

Dr. Farnaz Fahimi

co-teacher of the retreat: Ayurveda, Yoga & Surf Retreat - a relaxing week to enjoy and learn more about body & nature  

12. - 19. October 


"Im Rahmen meines Medizin-Studiums, welches ich 2010 in Giessen abgeschlossen hatte, durchlief ich diverse Praktikas und Famulaturen in Indien. Dort und im Zuge meiner Promotionsarbeit beschäftigte ich mich mit Ayurveda Medizin. Auch nach dem Studium galt mein Interessenschwerpunkt der ganzheitlichen Naturmedizin. Neben meinem Facharzt im HNO-Fachbereich, vertiefte ich mein Wissen mit Fortbildungen und begann 2014 das Ayurveda Studium für Mediziner an der europäischen Akademie in Birstein und Berlin. Im Verlauf entstand das Herz-Projekt in Portugal - Ayurveda Yoga Retreat. Seit 2017 arbeite ich als angestellte Ayurveda- und naturheilkundliche Tagesklinik-Ärztin im Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin."




guest teachers 2018

Bristol Baughan

co-teacher of the retreat: Yoga, Surfing & Leadership, March 31 - April 6, 2018                          


Bristol is an Executive Producer of Emmy-winning and Oscar-Nominated films, Author, and Executive Coach. She founded Inner Astronauts to support people in thriving at work and coming fully alive in service to the world. She serves leaders from Silicon Valley to Hollywood to the Lummi Nation.  Bristol works with leaders to create cultures for people to thrive in. She coaches executives to master and impart skills to their employees in authentic leadership, vision, and time, stress, and relationship management. 


Maren Brand

co-teacher of the retreat: Family Retreat - a yoga retreat for parents & their offspring, July 14 - 20, 2018


Maren teaches classic hatha yoga in Bielefeld, Germany.


"Im Sommer 2003, als ich in Spanien arbeitete, bin ich morgens barfuß zum Strand zu meiner allerersten Yogastunde gegangen. Bereits die ersten Asanas fühlten sich für mich so vertraut an, als hätte ich schon immer Yoga gemacht. Geprägt von diesem positiven Erlebnis war es kein Wunder, dass Yoga zu meinem morgendlichen Ritual wurde. Die Fokussierung auf den Atem und die daraus gewonnene Energie für Körper, Geist und Seele kannte ich bereits aus früheren Erfahrungen in meiner Kindheit und Jugend. Damals habe ich intensiv Physiotherapie für meine Skoliose (Wirbelsäulenverkrümmung) gemacht und diese mit gezielten Übungen und der Kraft der Atmung gut in den Griff bekommen habe."


Lese hier ein Interview with Maren.

Annie Malecki


Into The Wild! a Yoga & Nature Retreat to return to Source

October 6-12, 2018




Annie Malecki, Wilderness Trainer, systemic Constellation work, Healing work, Coach, existential-spiritual Companionship (Karen Horney Institut), sustained Meditation practice, Traveller and Mother loves to melt with nature and support others to return to Source.


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