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Yoga & Surf Summer Retreats 2021 in Portugal 

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July 24 - 30 

Rewilding & Yoga edition with Emilia and Eva


focus: yoga, somatics, free movement, meditation, nature connection,  ritual, community, soundhealing



in double room: 995EUR 

in single room: 1095EUR 

in mezzanine: 945EUR 

tent spots (own equipment): 845EUR 

tent spots (rented equipment): 895EUR 


Take time to slow down and reconnect!

Spend time in nature, reconnecting with its rhythms. Relax. Practice embodied yoga, somatic movement. Breathe. Get to know great people. Quieten your mind. Bathe in the beauty of Nature. Rekindle your wonder. Return to playfulness. 


All our workshops are deeply nourishing for your soul & body.

Come to recharge yourself and reconnect to your Essence. 




Portugal Rewilding & Yoga Retreat


This will be a truly unique retreat...


... that will combine both our classical offerings of yoga, meditation and embodiment practice with nature connection exercises, wilderness re-awakening journeys, ritual and ceremony. In the turmoiled times of separation and alienation we have been living in this will be a space for you to reconnect to yourself and return to a profound sense of belonging to the Earth. When we live aligned and in connection we can find a sense of purpose again and a sense that we are not alone but part of an intricate web of aliveness.

So imagine starting your day by returning to the silence within yourself, surrendering to the embrace of the natural world, greeting the world again. You will be guided in the practice of finding what is called a “sit spot” meaning a place for you to return to and create a relationship with. Journaling, poetry, contemplation and reflection will be part of your morning. You will then be served a delicious and healthy breakfast before we will gather again for our morning session. 


On some days we will take the morning for in depth embodiment and yoga explorations where you will remember how to feel at home within yourself, enlivening every layer of your being to meet the world more openly. On other days the morning will be dedicated to the theme of the day and include nature reconnection practices and exercises. These are all intended to rekindle your curiosity, to awaken the wild landscapes within you, to open yourself to the magic of the world and listen to the voices of nature


After our morning session you will be served a healthy superpower lunch cooked with love, with most ingredients coming from our garden...


You will then have time to relax, go for a walk, book a massage or join an optional surf session….


Afternoons will be spent either in an embodiment and yoga session or in an inner rewinding workshop


Our team commits to guiding you through a journey to reawaken your sense of wonder and joy for the world you live in. It will be an opportunity to reconnect to your inner world, to listen deep inside, to soften and be nourished by the earth, to reawaken your imagination and your senses, to return to a deeper sense of connection with all beings. 


In the evening there will sometimes be some activities such as storytelling around the fire, star gazing, music or sound journeys.


Our dinner will be enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the sunset and sharing life stories and inspiring conversation with people from all over the world. 


The hope that we have with our programs is to support you in leading a life of inner connection, responsibility and freedom, to drop the unnecessary stories that we have written about ourselves and the world around us that separate us from our hearts and from the Earth. Through our time together you will have access to tools that can support you to reawaken your deepest truth and to remember that you are part of the web of life. 


During our week together you will experience the supporting structure of community: we will share a house, eat meals together, laugh, dance, play and share stories and songs around the campfire. You will learn about right-relationship with all beings, human and non-human. 


We welcome you into a loving atmosphere that truly embraces you just as you are: imperfectly perfect.

a typical Ocean & Yoga Retreat day


Well, what's a typical day ... we flow with the tides and weather and mood. However, this description describes an idea of how the retreat days with us will usually shape up...


7:30 Morning Meditation/Silence/Journaling 

8:30 Healthy, homemade breakfast in silence enjoying the morning sun
9:30 – 12:00 Yoga & Somatic Movement Workshop or Nature Connection workshop 

12:30 Healthy, homemade delicious lunch 
13:30 – 16:00 Chill out time
16:00 – 18:30 Ocean Excursions & Nature Reconnection Workshops, or Yoga Relax sessions & Soundjourney
19:00 Healthy, homemade dinner & evening specials such as campfires or beach picnics


our Ocean & Yoga retreat includes 

- 6 nights on an authentic, organic farm in double or single room (farmhouse, ensuite/or shared bathroom) or cabin (double or triple shared) or tent (bring your own or rent equipment from us)

- daily morning yoga, meditation, journaling

- afternoon restorative yoga sessions

- guided meditations and excursions into beautiful nature and nature reconnection/rewilding workshops

- nature excursions to the ocean/ water connection workshop

- 1x soundjourney

- guidance & support in your practice & process by the teachers

- daily homemade meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

- camp fire or sunset picnic (depending on conditions)

- spontaneous extra workshops bases on interest of the group



- surfing lessons with local surf school

- body work & massages

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