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private yoga retreats Portugal, private yoga classes Aljezur, yoga classes Aljezur, body therapy Aljezur, high quality yoga retreat Portugal, family friendly yoga retreats,  nature yoga retreats Portugal, embodied yoga practice Portugal, Body Mind Centering Portugal, Jana Toepfer, ocean and yoga


travel questions about our surf and yoga retreats in Portugal


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general questions about our surf and yoga retreats in Portugal



  • what kind of yoga are you offering?

In the Classic Yoga & Surf Retreats, you will be practicing Hatha Yoga, which means "physical yoga", using techniques from asana (postures) and pranayama (breath work). In order to understand your individual physical shape and needs and to move accordingly, Jana mostly teaches the alignment of Anusara Yoga (a modern form of Iyengar alignment integrating contemporary physiology into traditional practice). However, in the morning workshops, you won't be practicing intense postures for 3 hours, but you will broaden your understanding of yoga by getting to know softer physical approaches from yoga-therapeutics, and other forms of yoga such as meditation, self-inquiry, and bhakti.

When you come to Jana's classes you will feel a very warm and welcoming atmosphere in the room. It is her intention to give everyone space to explore sensations of body and mind and experience the joy of movement.


In some of the special yoga retreats, we may go into other fields of yoga, depending on the co-teacher. If this is the case, you find more info in the respective retreat description. 


  • I have never practiced yoga before - or: I am pretty much a beginner. Can I still join?

Yes, all levels are welcome. The yoga classes are accessible and adequate for any level. Jana makes sure to give adjustments for beginners or practicioners with injuries - just as much as she will offer variations for the more experienced yogis.




  • I have never meditated before. Can I still join?

Yes, of course. In fact, our Classic Yoga and Surf Retreats are perfect to take the first steps into meditation and to start a meditation practice that you can bring home. Some of the special retreats may go deeper into the joyous world of meditation. If a certain experience level is required, this will be listed in the respective retreat description.


  • What type of meditation are you offering at your retreats?

Jana will provide a general orientation in the vast world of meditation and mostly introduce meditation techniques from Tantric scriptures such as the Vijnana Bhairava. In this lineage, you don't have to try to control or get rid of your mind and thoughts: Tantra allows anything that comes up to be there. So it's basically a devotion to your own experience that allows you to be OK with what is. Without struggle, reaction, nor judgement. And very individual. Find a meditation technique that suits you and your life.




  • I have never surfed before. Can I still join?

Yes, of course. In fact, all of our Yoga and Surf Retreats (unless otherwise specified) are designed to experience a first taste of surfing together with others who have never surfed before and the course will be conducted by a local surf school with certified instructors. No previous experience needed. On 2 surfing days, you will learn enough to stand up on the board and you will have a lot of fun playing in the waves.


  • I don't want to surf - can I join a retreat without surfing?

Yes, this is also possible. If surfing is not your call at this moment in time, or if injuries prevent you from surfing, you can still come to the beach with us on the surf days and read a book, go for walks, take pictures, or whatever you feel like doing. Or, if you have your own transport/rental car, you can take this time to explore the area. Please speak with us about possible price reduction in this case.


  • Is the surf equipment included in the price?

Yes, board (with leash and fins) and wet suit rental are included when you join the surfing course.


  • I already know how to surf. Do you offer free surf or intermediate classes? Can I rent a board?

Yes, there are usually a couple of other people on the retreat who also know how to surf a little bit already, and we can have you join an intermediate surf course. If you've surfed for longer already and prefer to do your own surfing, you can of course use the time when the others take the course to do your own thing. Have your own rental car? We can recommend where to go surf! No rental car? You can join the group and surf at the same spot. Please talk to us about possible price reduction.

Yes, you can rent a board from the school that we work with and yes, you can also bring your own board if you wish.




  • I have restrictions in regards to my diet. Can you individually cater to this?

Yes, this is no problem. We have a lot of experience with all types of complicated and quite restricted diets. Don't be shy to ask what we can do to cater to your individual needs & please let us know when you sign up.


  • Is all of the food organic? Is all of the food local?

We try to source most of the ingredients from the land of the farm. Of course, it depends on the season what's available. If we don't have certain things growing at the moment, we first try to source from local farmers and producers. However, there are usually some ingredients that come from the store. But even here, we will always make sure to go for bio/organic and local first!




  • How far is the beach away from the farm? What are the closest beaches?

The closest beach is Vale Figueiras. The linear distance is only about 3.5km, however, taking the curvy roads, it ends up being an approx. 8km drive, so it is not really within walking distance! That's why we recommend to rent a car for the duration of the retreat (or to share a rental car with other participants) so that you are flexible to visit all the beautiful beaches nearby: Praia da Arrifana (12km), Praia do Monte Clerigo (11km), Praia da Amoreira (12km), Praia da Bordeira (15km).


  • Can I stay for a few extra days before/after the retreat?

Update 2019: While the farm owners have tried to make early arrivals or longer stays possible in the last years, they unfortunately can't provide this option to reserve extra nights any longer. You can still check with us last minute (about a week prior to arrival for early arrival - or ask on site if you can stay a night or two longer) to see if this option becomes spontaneously available.


  • I see that you recommend to rent a car for the duration of the retreat. Can I also manage without one? What about bicycles?

If you like road trips, if you don't get stressed on unknown roads and if you can afford, we recommend that you rent a car to drive from the airport (Faro: 1hr or Lisbon: 3hrs) to the farm. This is the easiest way to get here and you are flexible to explore the area and nearby beaches in the free time. During the spring and fall, you can find quite inexpensive deals (check how to get here page for details) but in the summer, prices can go up. That's why we'll put you in touch with other attendees prior to the retreat so that you can possiby arrange car-pooling and sharing costs.

However, it is absolutely possible to come by public transport and we'll pick you up in Aljezur or Lagos (check how to get here page for details) and to chill out at the farm and go for walks in the beautiful nature around there during the free time - and/or spontaneously arrange with other attendees to join for beach excursions. The transport to the beach for surfing lessons is provided by the surf school.

Renting a bicycle can be a nice idea (the surf school also rents bikes), but in our experience, the program is so full that most people are happy for some relaxing time between yoga and surf!


  • I am traveling alone. Do you have many solo travelers? And can I still share a room?

Yes, most attendees are solo travelers interested in taking some time for themselves away from their normal surroundings, and connect with nature, dive deeper into a yoga practice and meet like-minded people. However, we sometimes have a couple of friends coming together, or couples or mother and daughter, or father and son.. (and all other possible combinations ;-))

Yes, if you are coming by yourself, you don't have to necessarily pay more for a single room: you can still sign up for a regular double room - and you will share a room with another solo traveler (same gender normally).


  • What types of accommodation do you have? Are there different options and prices?

We have single rooms, double rooms, the shared mezzanine and the shared cabin. Please check the about our retreats page for pictures and the respective retreat description for availability on certain retreats and possible price differences.


  • Is there WiFi at the farm? Can I work during the retreat?

Yes, there is free WiFi at the farm. We recommend that you keep work at a minimum during your retreat, but if you need to be reachable and have some online tasks every now and then, the signal is good enough for phone calls/skype calls, emailing etc. If your work requires a super speedy connection (uploading and downloading large files) please check with us - and we can recommend places with faster connections close by.




  • It looks like a packed program. Is there some free time to chill out by myself?

Yes, even though we try to pack the retreats with as many wonderful tools, practices and family style meals, you are absolutely free to go your own way whenever you need it! And we also make sure that there is a bit of free daily time for personal contemplation, walks, naps or whatever you need.


  • How many people are joining the retreat? And what is the average age?

In the spring and fall, our maximum group size is around 9 people (some special yoga retreats allow for 12), and in the summer time the maximum group size is around 12-15 people (depending on the amount of campers). The average age is end-twenties to mid-forty on the Classic Yoga and Surf Retreats and mid-thirties to mid-fifties on the special/deeper study retreats.


  • What shall I bring?

You will receive an email with all info needed prior to the retreat. But in general, it is good to pack for various weather scenarios. Daytime temperatures are mostly summery, but the winds can be cool at certain times a year, even in the summer, and evenings also tend to be way cooler than the days since we are very close to the ocean. You will receive an email closer to the start of the retreat with latest weather information. Mosquito repellent is always a good idea, and sun protection is important at all times of the year.

If you want to go hiking, bring a wind jacket and appropriate shoes. Otherwise you’ll mostly be wearing flip-flops. Towels, bedding and linen are all provided for. Please bring your own toiletries and a beach sarong/towel if you have.

Yoga gear: bring your own mat only if you want to. Mats, meditation cushions and blankets are available here. Your normal yoga clothing will also work here. Temperatures on the yoga deck may be slightly colder than what you are used to from a city yoga studio. An extra sweater will be good to have, just in case.


Applies for certain retreats only: If you are camping, please bring a sleeping bag & torch  – we can provide tents and air mattresses.




  • I see that you require a deposit payment to confirm my space. Can I also pay the full amount in one wire?

No, this isn't possible. Please see general business terms for further clarification. The deposit payment goes to Ocean & Yoga and the remainder of the calculated retreat price needs to be paid as a second wire to the farm owners (or via paypal adding a 5% fee), respectively in cash on arrival. If you prefer not to travel with that amount of cash, there are local ATM machines in Aljezur.



if you can't find answers to your questions here, feel free to send us an email!


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